restaurant hubert review

Restaurant Hubert made waves when it opened its doors in 2016 with its exquisite design – its curving staircase and grand dining area are like portals into another realm where gracious service meets authentic French flavors.

At Bligh Street’s mysterious wooden door lies an adventure worthy of C.S Lewis himself: dimly-lit cavernous rooms draped with red velvet are filled with worn wood bars and tables that transport visitors into another world entirely.

French cuisine

Hubert feels like it has always been there despite opening only in 2016. As part of the same group that brought Sydney Shady Pines Saloon, The Baxter Inn, and Frankie’s Pizza to Sydney, Hubert offers comforting French fare such as steak tartare with fries and chicken fricassee along with decadent desserts like creme caramel. It offers an unforgettable dining experience!

Dan Pepperell leads the kitchen staff at The American Bistro with equal passion. His menu reflects both Parisian culture and an understanding that bistro doesn’t belong to any particular time period – chefs may dress escargots in XO sauce or frame duck parfait with maple-syrup jelly, while his wine list offers classic bottles from French artisanal vintners alongside more contemporary styles.

Visitors who appreciate French cuisine will certainly be satisfied by what’s on offer here, particularly its savoury dishes. The terrine stands out with its combination of nutty notes from pistachios and chewy sausage-like meat. A dish of mushroom and tarragon soup offers similar satisfaction; its creamy texture recalling that of mashed potatoes.

Wine list

Sydney’s CBD may rage above, but when you step beneath Restaurant Hubert’s unassuming door on Bligh Street and descend its curved staircase into another time and place – red velvet, chestnut timber and vintage prints and posters transport you back to 1950s Paris or Pleasantville! A live jazz quintet provides soothing background music while its menu draws upon classic French flavors while keeping them relevant today.

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With a bar, two dining rooms, and an art-house cinema at our disposal, this space can cater for every event imaginable – be it sipping martinis and nibbling oysters at the bar or enjoying an extravagant meal featuring escargot in an irresistibly tart XO sauce before finishing it off with rich cognac – no matter when or where. A table awaits.

Restaurant Hubert opened in 2016, yet feels much older due to its love letter-esque tribute to an elegant evening out involving cocktails at the bar, taking in a show, then staying for an elegant meal and plenty of wine – run by Swillhouse Group (owners of Shady Pines Saloon, Frankie’s and Baxter Inn among other places), it perfectly captures its theme; almost becoming fantasy like in its realisation.


At Restaurant Hubert, it’s not all about the food; it’s all about the ambience. Curved staircases and dark wood panelling take diners back to postwar Paris while red velvet curtains create an immersive theater-like dining room complete with baby grand piano. Soft candlelight illuminates it all while gentle live jazz plays in the background – not forgetting their extensive French menu offering classic dishes like portobello mushroom au poivre or beef cheeks with mashed potato and grilled bone marrow for lunch or dinner!

As soon as you step into this hip restaurant in Sydney, it’s easy to be transported back in time to post-war France. This charming space provides the ideal setting for romantic dates or gatherings of friends; here, classic French dishes such as steak tartare, chicken fricassee and creme caramel await your table – not to mention great drinks at their bar!

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The restaurant is designed to evoke intimacy and mystery for its diners. They enter through spiral staircases that lead them directly into its main dining room; diners then have access to various seating options including intimate booths for two. A theater can also be booked out for events and private hire. There is an impressive wine list, featuring only low intervention wines from France as part of its selection.


Restaurant Hubert is an ode to big night out dining that starts in the bar, continues through dinner with entertainment and finishes with Martinis and oysters at a table, making this Bligh Street gem one of Australia’s premier French dining experiences. Although some new French establishments may have eclipsed it over time, Restaurant Hubert remains an unforgettable Bligh Street space that transports its patrons back in time.

Your journey back in time begins when you step onto our curved staircase and enter our ornate red velvet curtain that instantly transports you back to postwar Paris. Dim lighting, vintage posters and the cavernous basement create an old-world opulence that only increases with dim lighting, vintage posters and the cavernous basement itself. Gilded wood panelling adds to this atmosphere while modern twists such as snails dressed with XO sauce or duck parfait served on maple syrup jelly add to it all. Chef Dan Pepperell respects both its history while appreciating it belongs within this globalized globalized world today.

Restaurant Hubert offers friendly and helpful staff who strive to give all customers an excellent dining experience. Their culture is welcoming, pay is fair and work life balance is maintained well so overtime work is not often requested from them.