Food here is absolutely fantastic for anyone seeking an old-school Chinese dining experience. Their crispy skin roasted duck (aka peipa duck), shark fin in fried scrambled eggs, and Chinese New Year special Lup Mei glutinous rice dish featuring waxed duck and Chinese sausage is absolutely mouthwatering.

Established in 1948, this Cantonese restaurant boasts over 70 years of history. The walls are lined with black-and-white photos taken throughout its longstanding operation; and its staff includes second generation family members.

Old-world charm

If you enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine, then Sek Yuen at 315, Jalan Pudu should be on your itinerary. Established by three brothers – Phang Shue Tang, Chew Kan and Meng Yun – in 1948 and still operating today, Sek Yuen stands as one of Kuala Lumpur’s oldest Chinese restaurants.

Food at this establishment is prepared using traditional techniques, with rice steamed in metal bowls to add an authentic flavour to its dish. Steamed fish is delicious as is fresh seafood; desserts are equally delightful and service is prompt.

As soon as you step inside this restaurant, its old-world charm becomes apparent. It features walls covered in black-and-white pictures and wooden tables; its kitchen uses wood-fired stoves to prepare meals, which helps preserve their authentic flavours. Eight Treasure Duck and Cold Jelly Chicken are among its long list of unique offerings while Pei Pa Duck (RM26) should definitely not be missed! Please make an advance order.

Authentic Cantonese cuisine

Sek Yuen was established by three cousins in 1948 as one of KL’s oldest traditional Cantonese family restaurants. Renowned for their delicious pipa duck (a delectable roast bird that takes its name from Chinese string instruments), Sek Yuen offers many hard-to-find dishes sure to bring a smile and leave your tastebuds satisfied.

Restaurant is an archive of Cantonese cuisine dating back to 1948; staff wear stained white t-shirts with vintage pin-striping while carrying themselves like longtime veterans. Their cavernous kitchen, unchanged since opening day, features wood-fired braziers where cooks toss and flip meats and vegetables to perfection.

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Yee sang here is delectable and refreshing, featuring snow pear strips, spring onions, parsley, homemade crackers with sesame seeds and sang yue (snake head) all mixed in light plum sauce – it made an excellent start to our New Year’s dinner! Next came Chap Choy – sweet bean curd slices mixed with dry lily bulbs and mung bean noodles served in oyster sauce before finishing it all off with longan jelly and syrup dessert for an unforgettable ending!

Traditional dishes

Sek Yuen, established in 1948 by Phang Chew Kan, Phang Meng Yun and Phang Shue Tang is one of the oldest family restaurants still operating in Kuala Lumpur and remains run by their descendants today. They offer hard-to-find classic dishes like Pei Pa Duck with its crispy skin and succulent flesh; cold jelly chicken; steamed duck with Kailan sauce and crab meat water chest nut nuggets are among other tasty offerings here.

Yee sang here is truly outstanding, featuring snow pear strips, spring onions, parsley and homemade crackers tossed with snow pear slices, spring onions and sesame seeds before being finished off with Sang Yeu (snake head) slices topped with ginger slices – making for an engaging dining experience where diners form a circle around the bowl tossing ingredients and exchanging good luck wishes with one another.

Other dishes worth trying include Pipa Duck, which comes served with its signature plum sauce and tomatoes. Furthermore, their sweet and sour pork dish stands out for not being tough or floury like at other places.


Sek Yuen Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur offers authentic Chinese fare with tables decorated in traditional red tablecloths and wooden chairs for a truly magical ambiance that cannot be found elsewhere in modern KL. Established since 1948, this iconic eatery still maintains its original building from 1948. Here you’ll find black-and-white photos of chefs and patrons that date back decades, not to mention black-and-white photos showcasing chef attire from decades past lining its walls – something hard to come by elsewhere in modern KL!

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At this iconic dining location, the elegant ambience makes an experience truly worth remembering. Their menu boasts time-honored Chinese-Malaysian classics infused with culinary heritage – so don’t forget your camera! Bring along any memorable moments as well, so they make for great photo opps.

Be sure to visit this restaurant’s extensive selection of dim sum. From steaming baskets of har gow to delicate siu mai, you are certain to find something delectable! Enhance your meal with wine or tea for an unforgettable dining experience. Take the train to Pudu Station and walk five minutes until reaching the restaurant.


Sek Yuen stands out among a sea of Chinese restaurants that feature class and style by remaining true to quality and tradition. Their kitchen still utilizes wood-fire stoves, helping preserve traditional flavors. Their dishes are typically served in groups along with rice; examples being their Pipa Roasted Duck which is absolutely delectable while their Sweet and Sour Pork which stands out due to being tender yet crispy compared with more typical doughy versions of this classic dish.

At first glance, this restaurant is quite striking – featuring old wooden tables and chairs, walls filled with black-and-white photographs, stainless steel standing fans, and metal bowls with scars from decades of use. All staff are at least 65 years old yet seem full of life and zest for life.

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