Sek Yuen Restaurant on Jalan Pudu in Kuala Lumpur has been operating as a traditional Cantonese eatery since 1948 and still utilizes the original shop lot today.

Photos of patrons and chefs from decades ago line the walls, providing a nostalgic experience as most staff members are either old or nearing retirement age.

Old-school Cantonese cuisine

Sek Yuen Restaurant has been operating for more than 70 years and provides authentic Cantonese fare in an authentic vintage atmosphere, perfect for anyone seeking an experience from pre-independence Kuala Lumpur.

Its nostalgic charm can be felt throughout with old wooden chairs and tables sitting inside an unchanging building that seems unchanged for over fifty years. No doubt its popularity remains undiminished given the unrivaled quality and tradition of Cantonese cuisine served here.

No matter which dish you order – from deliciously spiced roast duck with crisp skin, to the stuffed eight treasures chicken or my personal favourite, the yau mak (romaine lettuce lightly stir-fried with Chinese fermented beancurd (nam yue)), I can guarantee quality from plate to plate!

Sweet and Sour Pork at East Wind Restaurant is excellent; each piece of tender meat is perfectly salted without being overly floury or batter-heavy – an enjoyable change from other establishments with sweet and sour pork that tends to be either too floury or contains artificial flavourings. And by adding plum sauce it becomes even better! Service here is excellent as well; friendly waiters know exactly which dish would make their list of favourite dishes on any given night!

Pei Pa Duck

Sek Yuen offers traditional Chinese fare with delicious dishes. Situated along Jalan Pudu in a single storey building that resembles a 1970’s neon sign, Sek Yuen has been around since 1970 and still attracts regulars today. Don’t miss their Pei Pa Duck dish; its meat is succulent while the skin crisps perfectly, and the combination of sweet and tangy sauce gives this classic dish its perfect balance.

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According to Vkeong, Sek Yuen began as a pushcart back in pre-independence Kuala Lumpur. Soon thereafter, its three founders, Phang Shue Tang, Chew Kan and Meng Yun built their restaurant stall – which still stands today – complete with original decor such as black-and-white photographs and aged ceiling fans. A visit here will transport you back in time!

Restaurant is also well known for their affordable yee sang, served in an affordable small portion ($24). Packed full with snow pear strips, spring onions, parsley, sesame seeds, homemade crackers and sang yue (snake head), their light and tasty dish provided just the right balance between crunchy ingredients and sweetness from plum sauce – providing an unexpected take on traditional restaurant or hotel-served versions.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sek Yuen is an iconic restaurant in Malaysian cuisine, providing hard to find traditional Chinese cuisine since 1948. Established by Phang Chew Kan, Meng Yun, and Shue Tang and situated along Jalan Pudu since then; today it still retains its original shop lot with wood-fired braziers upon which giant woks whirl. Now run by Phang’s second generation.

Though old, this restaurant remains charming to dine at. The dining room features black-and-white photos and stainless steel standing fans; old wooden tables and chairs further add a nostalgic vibe. Staff, including chefs and waiters who appear to be in their sixties or more, move with speed and grace across the restaurant holding plates of food with swift hands.

At this old-fashioned Chinese restaurant, classic dishes such as Pei Pa duck and Eight Treasure Duck (requiring advance ordering) as well as Yusheng noodles served in red-and-gold packets are offered as Chinese New Year delicacies. Their friendly wait staff provide top service. This old school eatery has become our annual tradition to experience pre-Chinese New Year dinner.

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Yee Sang

Sek Yuen Restaurant stands out in KL as an oasis of tradition family dining, established by Phang Chew Kan, Phang Shue Tang and Phang Meng Yun in 1948 and still run under their original ownership today. Boasting cavernous kitchen and wood-fired stoves reminiscent of old world charm reminiscent of dining experiences long past, its cavernous kitchen offers unparalleled ambience unrivaled elsewhere in this fast-changing metropolis. Kopitiam chairs and faded tables – some dating back decades! – complete the experience that makes Sek Yuen experience unlike anything else around here!

Menu options range from steamed seafood and roast duck, to roasted duck and prawns, specialities such as the prawn yam fritter and shark fin in fried scrambled egg to complement raw vegetables, to steamed kailan. Also worth trying is their special festive new year yee sang dish which features marinated raw fish (Ikan mentah in Malay), marinated with strips of ginger slices marinade mixed with powders blend, pickled ginger pickled green papaya, Jicama spring onions & cilantro together with deep-fried crackers & packets of pepper & five spice powder.

Sek Yuen offers nine set meal options during Chinese New Year to fit every budget, with their most cost-effective CNY Meal being their Joyful Happiness set for three containing steamed grass carp, Eight Treasure Duck slices and their customer favorite Sek Yuen Prosperity Yee Sang soup.