sek yuen restaurant review

Established in 1948, Sek Yuen Chinese Restaurant continues to thrive today with unmatched consistency and perfect execution of Cantonese dishes that put it among KL’s premier Chinese eateries.

Residence of an iconic old shop lot featuring a 70s neon sign, this restaurant is run by family members of its original founding brothers. Renowned for their delicious Pei Pa duck as well as delectable Paper Wrapped Chicken dishes, the restaurant stands out as one of its kind in Hong Kong.


Established in 1948, Sek Yuen restaurant is a must-visit for any foodie. Run by family members since 1948 and boasting its original building on Jalan Pudu preserved since, this establishment exudes old world charm while featuring black-and-white photographs of patrons from over time.

Wood-fire stoves are one of the key elements to creating traditional flavors at this restaurant, which is evident by their delicious Pipa Roasted Duck and delectable Paper Wrapped Chicken dishes (order 2 days in advance!). Be sure not to miss these gems!

Other highlights of their cuisine are Chinese New Year Special Lup Mei glutinous rice with waxed duck and Chinese sausage and the Crab meat water chestnut nuggets – delicious, simple, and authentic dishes that make up their menu.

Are you in search of a place to share delicious Chinese cuisine and bottled beers with friends? Look no further! This hidden gem awaits! With extremely reasonable prices for quality cuisine – an order for four can cost less than RM200! The ambience is classic: old wooden chairs and tables provide sufficient ventilation; while vintage fans hang from the ceiling! Definitely make time to visit this tucked-away spot in fast-developing KL from 8am till midnight each day. The restaurant opens daily between 8am and midnight!


Sek Yuen has been around for more than 50 years and still retains its original atmosphere and menu, while remaining popular with generations. Their unrivaled consistency in offering traditional Cantonese fare is one of KL Chinese restaurants’ premier offerings – particularly their critically-acclaimed smoked duck, 8 treasures duck stuffed into 8 treasures duck and chicken with light soy sauce being among their most acclaimed items.

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The original Sek Yuen restaurant along Jalan Pudu feels like a journey back in time, with its classic wooden tables and chairs, black-and-white pictures on the walls, stainless steel standing fans and waiters and chefs who have been there from its inception – some still as fit as when they first began working there; passing out wet hankies to wipe your lips.

Food here is truly authentic; they specialize in their own homemade sweet and sour pork that’s neither tough nor floury, cold jellyfish topped with waxed duck, as well as an irresistibly refreshing yee sang made up of snow pear strips, spring onions, parsley leaves, toasted sesame seeds, homemade crackers and crab meat water chest nut nuggets – should your luck hold out, the kitchen might still use wood fire instead of gas burners to prepare dishes!


As one of the oldest restaurants in town, Sek Yuen stands out with their delicious desserts. Their pipa roast duck is truly unforgettable as it has been prepared on wood fire stoves to maintain the traditional flavors. Additionally, other signature dishes like Cold Jelly Chicken and Eight Treasure Duck make for delightful meals at this establishment.

Three brothers named Phang Shue Tang, Phang Chew Kan, and Phang Meng Yun established this restaurant prior to independence of Malaysia in 1948 as pushcart vendors at hawker centres selling wantan mee. Later they built their first restaurant along Jalan Pudu in 1953 – and today, this tradition-rich original location still operates with air-conditioning while maintaining their menu and tradition.

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Food at this establishment is both classic and authentic, with unparalleled consistency and flawless execution. Flavors come alive through oyster sauce, siu heng wine and garlic; just one platter here will remind you of classic Chinese banquets from decades past!

Sweet and Sour Pork was delicious – unlike other restaurants, the pork pieces were tender without being tough or floury, the batter wasn’t too heavy, and plum sauce tasted fresh and natural – truly a great meal that I will return for! Dining at such an historic establishment was truly enjoyable experience.


Over time, this restaurant has attracted customers not only due to its delicious cuisine but also for its charming old-world ambience. Situated in a classic shop lot along Jalan Pudu and left relatively untouched since decades, its interior features original knick-knacks and photos as well as aged ceiling fans – an experience customers truly treasure.

Wood-fire stoves adorn the kitchen at this restaurant – the only one in the city with such equipment – which plays an essential role in maintaining traditional flavours and aromas. Service is unpretentious and friendly, and its famous Pipa Roasted Duck dish will bring back memories of Chinese banquets from days gone by.

Sek Yuen stands out as an impressive restaurant that has kept its legacy and still serves high-quality cuisine, and is beloved by both visitors and locals. A visit to Sek Yuen should not be missed by those seeking great food and plenty of laughter with friends; just order the Pei Pa Duck; first boiled then slow-roasts until all fat has been rendered from it, giving an irresistibly crispy skin and succulent meat texture. Also noteworthy are mock shark’s fin omelette served in lettuce cups along with Yau Mak with Nam Yue which offer balance in textures and flavours!