Sek Yuen has been an institution on Jalan Pudu since pre-Merdeka/Independence days. While Pei Pa Duck reigns supreme here, don’t neglect their Paper Wrapped Chicken either – both are excellent choices!

At Yuee Sing Restaurant in Richmond Hill, they serve one of the best yee sang (RM24 small) in town featuring snow pear strips, fresh greens, homemade crackers and sesame seed for a light and delicious experience.

Old-school Cantonese cuisine

Sek Yuen offers delicious old-school cuisine that hasn’t changed much over time. Established in 1948 and still serving many of the same dishes today. Decorated with black-and-white photos from decades past of chefs and patrons who frequented Sek Yuen then, as well as featuring black-and-white tile floors from back then; Sek Yuen draws an increasing number of tourists today.

Restaurant Pipa serves an exquisite array of traditional Cantonese cuisine, such as the delicious Pipa Roast Duck (RM26). This dish begins by being first boiled before being slowly roasted to ensure tender meat – an experience not easily found elsewhere in Malaysia!

As well as classic Chinese fare, you can also experience seafood specialities here such as prawn fritters and steamed fish – some of the finest dishes in town. However, expect to pay slightly more than at more mainstream Chinese restaurants.

Kuala Lumpur restaurant Jin Jian Jiang offers authentic Chinese cuisine that should not be missed, making it the ideal spot for trying something different and delicious. Furthermore, their staff are welcoming and will give advice about which dishes will make an excellent selection.

Old-school ambience

Established in 1948, Sek Yuen has long been one of the go-to spots for traditional Cantonese fare since then. Renowned for its delicious cuisine featuring garlic and oyster sauce flavors, Sek Yuen remains a family-run establishment where older chefs toil in their wood-fired stoves kitchen – it was even among one of the earliest spots where Chinese wedding banquets could take place!

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Dining here will feel like traveling back through time; its rustic charm includes wooden tables and chairs, black-and-white photos and stainless steel standing fans with dented and scratched fans from decades of use. Most servers here have been working here for more than three decades – they know their customers’ orders by heart!

Sek Yuen offers mouthwatering cuisine at an unbeatably reasonable price, featuring tender Sweet and Sour Pork cooked without overly floury or batter-heavy crust, delicious Steamed Fish, non-drying Fried Rice that wasn’t too salty, as well as being one of the few restaurants still using bamboo steamers to steam their fish!

Dragon Phoenix boasts an extensive menu with specialty dishes you won’t find elsewhere, like their famous Eight Treasure Duck dish (requiring two days advance order) made of duck, raw vegetables, lemongrass julienne strips and noodles similar to Yusheng which was first created at Dragon Phoenix back in 1963.

Family-run business

Sek Yuen Restaurant was established in 1948 as a family-run business. Today it operates two locations: its original outlet on Jalan Pudu and a modern, air-conditioned establishment next door. Both establishments feature artwork from days gone by as well as food that tastes equally great; with old photos and mementos decorating its original outlet while more modern interior design defines its sister location; both serve traditional favorites such as Cold Jelly Chicken and Eight Treasure Duck from its chefs using wood-fired stoves which add depth of flavor – family members were even responsible for cutting enough wood in order to cook these traditional dishes!

In the 1940s, its founders opened a stall offering wallet-friendly dim sum to those without much money postwar, like rubber tappers, traders and morning market-goers. Soon thereafter, its popularity quickly outshone its originators’s initial intentions, prompting expansion and more stalls opening within months of its initial opening.

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The original stall has since evolved into an institution in Kuala Lumpur. Locals gather here often, especially when the Pei Pa Duck (Crispy Skin Roast Duck) is on special. Additionally, this restaurant serves yee sang, which features snow pear strips, red and yellow ginger slices, spring onions, sesame seeds, homemade crackers with Sang Yue (snake head with carrot slices). All these delicious ingredients come together with light plum sauce for an unforgettable dining experience!

Signature dishes

At its roots, this iconic restaurant located in Kuala Lumpur serves delicious old-style cuisine. Dating back to 1948 when it started as a pushcart selling wantan mee, the founding brothers Phang Shue Tang, Chew Kan, Meng Yun (Yew Kee’s father) decided to open shop pre-independence Kuala Lumpur – where their stall prospered so well they were eventually able to expand.

Today, this restaurant operates out of two premises, the older being along Jalan Pudu. This original building still exhibits pre-independence stylings while its successor offers air-conditioned seating. Some dishes, like Pipa Roasted Duck are hard to come by elsewhere while others require advance orders as they require several steps for preparation.

Yee sang is an irresistibly delectable combination of snow pear strips, spring onions, parsley, homemade crackers with sesame seeds and sang yue (snake head) in a light plum sauce that makes an irresistibly refreshing beginning to any meal.

Even at its age, this restaurant has kept up with changing times by adopting online services like online ordering and delivery, revamping its menu to include one-dish meals that were easy to package and transport as well as advertising its food via social media to attract younger customers and reach out to wider communities.