Restaurant Hubert is an ode to an evening spent at the bar, taking in a show, and indulging in cheese and Cognac over dinner. What could have been an ordinary bistro has instead become an exquisite experience filled with charm and charisma.

Since four weeks, Shady Pines, Baxter Inn and Frankie’s have ventured into fine dining. Chef Dan Pepperell excels, adding classic French cuisine with elegant flair.

Live Jazz Music

Dimly lit atmosphere enhanced by live jazz music enhances this dining experience, creating a delightful dining atmosphere perfect for romantic or group dates alike. Food was fantastic and service was exceptional; prices may be slightly high but definitely worth paying for such an unforgettable experience – I recommend this restaurant highly!

Sydney’s CBD district is home to this stylish French themed venue designed by Anton and Stefan Forte (Baxter Inn, Shady Pines Saloon and Frankie’s). Boasting a large dining room with multiple bars as well as even a theatre space.

It’s a love letter to a classic night out: cocktails at a bar, watching a show in one of several venues nearby, followed by Martinis and oysters before ending with cheese and Cognac – instantly transporting you into another universe, full of life and laughter! Whether lounging on one of the banquette seats or sliding into one of the wooden booths.

Menus offer classic bistro dishes with modern flare; chefs don’t shy away from opening oysters to order, dressing escargots in XO butter and plating duck parfait with maple-syrup jelly. Wine list features top low-intervention artisanal vintners alongside benchmark bottles from France’s celebrated appellations.

Great Ambiance

Restaurant Hubert offers an incredible atmosphere that transports you back to postwar France. As soon as you descend the spiral staircase, it will feel as though you have entered a hidden cavern that combines cocktail bar and restaurant into one unique experience – dim lighting adds further atmosphere while live jazz makes sure that ambiance stays intact!

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Experience something truly unforgettable at SALT Bar and Restaurant, Sydney! Their food and ambiance will make the visit worth your while; perfect for romantic dates or just having fun with friends!

Jason Scott and Anton Forte (of Shady Pines, Baxter Inn and Frankie’s Pizza fame) have become adept at creating an inviting ambience at this bar. Additionally, their bartending skills shine through their cocktails: classics as well as original creations taste great and staff is extremely friendly; in addition, there are numerous wines and alcoholic beverages to enjoy here – many visitors prefer coming here just for one of their delicious Chardonnay or Gin martinis!

Great Food

French cuisine lovers should visit this restaurant. Not only is the food delicious, but live jazz music creates an intimate and enjoyable environment to celebrate special occasions. Although conversation may be harder due to loudness of atmosphere – nonetheless it will definitely be worth your experience!

Hubert is Dan Pepperell’s latest venture (after 10 William Street, The Baxter Inn and Shady Pines). Inspired by an idealized version of an evening out starting with drinks in a bar before taking in a show and ending up with cocktails and oysters with Martinis, cheese and Cognac to cap off a truly epic evening out. Comprised of three bars, a large central dining room and an event space complete with spiral staircases leading down into its luxurious surroundings – Hubert exudes occasion every time!

Pepperell’s menu boasts classics with an inventive flair, reflecting her French training but with an understanding of global dining culture – think escargots topped with XO sauce or duck parfait topped with maple syrup jelly! Beef tartare is always on offer while her duck confit offers just enough smokey depth to balance out its rich foie gras content.

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The bar offers an impressive selection of classic cocktails and drinks, in addition to offering an extensive wine list – we particularly enjoyed tasting some Cabernet Sauvignon! Additionally, they offer delicious desserts that you simply must experience!

Great Service

Hubert Restaurant is truly special. Nestled away down two flights of stairs inside an historic building, its magical atmosphere can only be described as mesmerizing. Staff is welcoming and the food exquisite; making Hubert a must visit if you have an affinity for French cuisine!

As this new French-ish bistro opened its doors early 2016, excitement ensued. Anton Forte and Jason Scott (the team behind Shady Pines Saloon, Baxter Inn, and Frankie’s Pizza) transformed this cavernous basement space with red velvet drapes, burnished wood bars, and candlelit tables – even though Sydneysiders typically abandon restaurants like old relationships quickly. But somehow this one has stayed in thrall thus far.

As soon as you step through the door, you are instantly immersed in another world – with low lighting, bartenders in dark glasses wearing hipster lookalike attire, and music from Johnny Mathis to Jerry Vale and Sinatra playing softly in the background.

Restaurant Hubert offers an incredibly romantic ambience and makes an ideal location for date nights. Food was delicious: beef tartare was sensational, while their squid ink pasta dish was simply incredible! Furthermore, service was exceptional and drinks were well received; definitely planning another visit here soon!