restaurant hubert review

Since opening its doors in 2016, Restaurant Hubert has set an extremely high standard for French dining. As part of the Swillhouse group – comprised of wild west Americana venue Shady Pines Saloon and whisky distillery The Baxter Inn – Restaurant Hubert has set the highest standards.

Un descend a spiral staircase and you could find yourself transported back in time to postwar France – complete with decor and jazz music to complete the experience.

The food

Restaurant Hubert offers one of Sydney’s most unique dining experiences. Tucked away down two flights of stairs with an arthouse cinema tucked inside, few venues can rival its French charm. Here, classic French dishes, soft live jazz music and endless bottles of wine create a feeling of nostalgia that you just can’t shake off.

Anton Forte and Jason Scott, known for running Sydney drinking dens such as Baxter Inn, Shady Pines Saloon, Frankie’s and others; have joined forces with Dan Pepperell of Paddington’s 10 William Street to launch this restaurant together. Together they possess decades of experience running top-of-the-line dining establishments.

This menu may be brief, but its quality ingredients give every dish an exquisite flair. Beef tartare comes served with mini French fries for maximum indulgence while duck parfait and boudin noir (black sausage) pair perfectly with the crusty bread they offer at each table.

If you’re searching for something lighter, the malakoff (an alchemical puck of fried gruyere, Dijon mustard and dill pickle) pairs beautifully with lean Burgundies like Pierre-Yves Colin Morey Aligote ($20). As for dessert options, chocolate mousse or anchovy toasts will leave your tastebuds satisfied.

The service

Restaurant Hubert marks the inaugural full-service dining venture from acclaimed Sydney bar owners The Baxter Inn, Shady Pines Saloon and Frankie’s Pizza. Don’t be fooled by its unassuming facade – once inside this Bligh Street tribute to postwar France, your senses will be tantalised with cocktail bar drinks, French classics and soft live jazz performances!

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Restaurant Hubert may only have been open four weeks, yet it has already made waves on Sydney’s culinary landscape. Led by Jason Scott and Anton Forte from Swillhouse Group – responsible for iconic Sydney bars The Baxter Inn, Shady Pines Saloon, Frankie’s and 10 William Street respectively) as well as Dan Pepperell of 10 William Street; Restaurant Hubert presents an air of polished luxury combined with great hospitality that everyone can appreciate.

Hubert’s menu offers something for every palate; from its deliciously pungent XO sauce for escargot to its flavorful bone marrow butter that enhances rare angus sirloin, its menu offers unexpected delights as well as old favourites like duck parfait and gratin topped with parmesan.

No matter if it’s for an elegant gin Martini at the bar or a three-course meal, the service and staff here is unsurpassed and friendly; an absolute hidden gem in an increasingly homogenous city.

The atmosphere

Restaurant Hubert may only have opened in 2016, but its presence is palpable. Walking through its unassuming doorway and down its curving staircase transports you instantly to another world or at least time period.

This space is an ode to the kind of big night out that starts in a bar, features an intriguing show, and ends with cheese and Cognac over several bottles of vino. The dark red velvet drapes, bentwood chairs, and baby grand piano create the feeling of an elegant Belle Epoque music hall with dining facilities available onsite – with just as many opportunities for relaxing over fine food as well.

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Under the direction of General Manager Anton Forte and Head Chef Dan Pepperell (from Paddington’s 10 William Street), this classic French fare comes with an exciting contemporary flair. Enjoy everything from succulent escargot drenched in a rich XO sauce, golden allumette potatoes and light up wagyu tartare – there is so much here that is worth enjoying.

Hubert stands out for its atmosphere. Once down the curved stairs and in its dining room, you’ll discover stained-wood paneling, vintage prints, intimate booths and an inviting live jazz soundtrack; making for an experience you might find hard to leave!

The drinks

Even after four weeks, Restaurant Hubert is already an iconic Sydney institution. A curved staircase leads to its grand dining room that feels like a passage into another world – where gracious hospitality meets classic French flavours with bentwood chairs for maximum grandeur. Stained-wood panelling adds another dimension of grandeur within this space.

Chef Dan Pepperell adds his own creative touch to classic dishes like XO escargots, duck parfait and whole Australian rock lobster (recommended by many early reviewers), before moving onto larger share dishes such as steak bavette and chicken fricassee.

Though it can be tempting to go right for the main courses, make sure that you leave room for dessert! The melon surprise offers light sweetness from young coconut sorbet, zestiness from finger lime zester and refreshing fruitiness from its main ingredient; melons.

Restaurant Hubert offers an impressive wine selection spanning lean Burgundy to fruity Champagne, with cocktails and wines by the glass available at its bar. Additionally, if we ever visit again for movie night and drinks we hope we can return and indulge in both. This restaurant truly captures that big night out experience from its atmosphere to its menu selection and after show revelry with cheese platters and Cognac long after curtain call has fallen!