Restaurant Hubert first made waves when it debuted in 2016, yet its cavernous basement space feels familiar to anyone who frequents it. Opened by young entrepreneurs Jason Scott and Anton Forte (of Shady Pines Saloon and Frankie’s fame), Restaurant Hubert offers full service dining that celebrates big nights out with plenty of gin Martinis on offer – creating the ultimate nighttime destination.

Steak Tartare

Restaurant Hubert takes its name from an iconic cocktail, offering sophisticated Parisian bistro fare in Sydney. As part of the Swillhouse Group – Anton and Stefan Forte as well as Jason Scott (The Baxter Inn, Shady Pines Saloon and Frankie’s Pizza) as well as Dan Pepperell (10 William Street). This establishment represents their debut restaurant venture.

Location : 2 flights down stairs into a mahogany wooden space with dim lighting, vintage posters and wine bottles on display; unmatched in Sydney in terms of atmosphere or menu offerings – classic French dishes as well as more innovative twists are featured here.

At La Bocca it’s more than just about food; this trendy hangout also provides a memorable dining experience. The decor features an eye-catching green wall with plenty of plants and plenty of seating to soak up the vibe. Service was fantastic and staff friendly – making for an overall excellent dining experience!

Starters were ordered as shared starters, with steak tartare being an amazing dish full of flavour and smooth texture. Also memorable were duck liver parfait, crab pasta and king fillet; for dessert we enjoyed delicious toasted corn kernels with surprise melons for an ideal end to our meal.

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Chicken Fricassee

Hubert transforms from an otherwise ordinary city street into an atmospheric, cavernous space featuring a stage set with baby grand sitting idly on it and Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young” playing softly from speakers – creating an idyllic, romantic ambience and making for one of Sydney’s premier dining experiences! Opened by Jason Scott, Anton Forte (Swillhouse Group; Baxter Inn and Shady Pines) and Dan Pepperell (formerly of 10 William), Hubert is currently operating from 10 William.

The dining room features low ceilings, red leather booths and an ornate grand piano adorned with crackled finish. The vast space is divided into bars, several different dining rooms and even a theatre where talks and masterclasses take place. The menu boasts classics like oyster mignonette, duck parfait and beef tartare as well as several other smaller dishes to help fill you up before proceeding onto main dishes with meaty main courses.

I enjoyed both dishes immensely; especially the terrine of pork with its very meaty texture and sweet marinated prunes pairing beautifully. Also amazing were the mushroom au poivre with its earthy, rich flavors from being confited, as well as its concentrated pepper sauce-inspired taste. And for dessert? Melon en surprise provided a welcome break from French food’s heavysweetness, with its light layer of coconut sorbet topped off by finger lime and sorrel jelly – such an unexpected yet welcome departure!

Melon En Surprise

While political tensions rage overhead in Sydney’s CBD and stylish new apartments rise into the skyline, one small corner remains anchored by heritage-listed Restaurant Hubert. Headed up by Jason Scott, Anton and Stefan Forte (of Swillhouse group responsible for Shady Pines Saloon, Baxter Inn and Frankie’s Pizza), Dan Pepperell from 10 William Street provides this subterranean tribute to vintage magnificence that reminds diners they don’t need to go far for great food!

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Our menu combines classics and contemporary French fare, with an emphasis on using local products whenever possible. Starters for our meal included Steak Tartare (tender, buttery beef topped with mountains of mini French fries) and Mushrooms Au Poivre (an extensive plate of confit portobello mushrooms generously doused in pepper sauce). Main Courses included an expertly prepared Duck Liver Parfait with its rich, luxurious creaminess; Pommes Anna – thin slices of potato that were crunchy on the outside yet soft within, featuring delectable buttery mash complimented with tart pickles; and finally our Normandy Burger which featured an irresistibly juicy dry aged beef patty covered with melting Gruyere cheese served up on a soft light brioche bun and generous doses of spicy pepper sauce for good measure!

Restaurant Hubert is the ideal date spot, featuring endless spiral staircases, bottle and poster-lined walls, a baby grand piano and conversations reminiscent of Paris. Enjoy all that old world charm with smart cocktail and wine lists as well as service that delivers beautiful French flavors while surprising with inventive presentations – everything you could possibly need for an enjoyable date experience!