Hubert offers an experience unlike any other: French flavors, gracious hospitality and relaxing live jazz are the hallmarks of its charm. A sweeping staircase leads down into this otherworld.

Shady Pines Saloon, Baxter Inn and Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice are among the many restaurants owned and managed by Shady Pines Saloon’s creators, while Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice hosts pizza party night Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice is known for. Their new restaurant from Chef Dan Pepperell brings his modern take on classic Old School dishes to create a colorful dining experience for diners of all stripes.

The menu

Restaurant Hubert was designed as a celebration of big nights out: beginning in a bar, watching a show and then relaxing over martinis and cheese – it has all the makings of an iconic establishment. Boasting three bars, a large dining room and even its own theatre space – Restaurant Hubert stands as an enduring landmark on The Rocks since Quay opened over twenty years ago.

Jason Scott, Anton Forte and Stefan Forte from Swillhouse Group’s Baxter Inn, Shady Pines and Frankie’s as well as Dan Pepperell from 10 William Street have decades of experience when it comes to creating great restaurants – Hubert is no different – you will feel transported into another realm as soon as you step inside its cozy interiors.

A winding staircase descends to a brightly lit space that exudes gracious hospitality and French flavor. The menu, comprising just one pager, covers everything from starters and shareable snacks to main courses with hearty portions.

Notable dishes were the grilled foie gras with pickled radishes and figs, featuring an irresistibly tart taste to complement its rich meatiness, the chicken fricassee featuring tender chicken bursting with its natural flavour thanks to being pre-treated, as well as Pepperell’s exquisite rare wagyu steak cooked perfectly and its bearnaise sauce which made an unforgettable impression on me.

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The atmosphere

This restaurant features spiral staircases, dark wooden furniture and dim lighting to create a very romantic environment. There are vintage posters and theatre seating that completes the overall experience. Perfect for romantic dates as well as group dinners, it is worth making time to visit one of Sydney’s best restaurants – one worth checking out.

Restaurant Hubert may only have opened in 2016, yet it feels like it has always been there. From its Bligh Street entrance, wooden steps lead down into an underground cavern where C.S Lewis adventures would feel right at home. There’s two-stories underground dining with baby grand piano. Candles spill wax down old Burgundy bottles while plush red velvet drapes add luxurious fabric and an impressive collection of miniatures make up its surroundings.

The menu offers a combination of traditional French fare and innovative ideas, featuring highlights like escargot XO and steak tartare as well as unique desserts. Service is friendly and attentive; anyone who appreciates delicious cuisine should go there at least once! It is definitely a must for foodies with great taste who value atmosphere; Anton and Stefan Forte (Swillhouse Group – The Baxter Inn, Shady Pines and Frankie’s Pizza) have joined forces with Dan Pepperell from 10 William Street to create something truly exceptional – both have done an exceptional job of creating something truly remarkable!

The service

Hubert opened in 2016, yet feels like an integral part of Sydney. Tucked away down two flights of spiral staircases and offering an arthouse cinema in the back, Hubert offers an exceptional dining experience. When you step through its door it feels as if you have been transported back in time to post war Europe (without Nicole Kidman on a swing!); something Hubert owners aimed for with its decor.

Jason Scott & Anton Forte from Swillhouse Group – responsible for Shady Pines, Baxter Inn & Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney) along with Chef Dan Pepperell from 10 William Street have accomplished something truly remarkable in creating 10 William Street as an excellent dining venue that provides memorable nights out with excellent attention to detail displayed across its establishments.

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From its tantalizing XO sauce and golden allumette potatoes that serve to lighten wagyu tartare, to velvety bone marrow butter enhancing rare angus sirloin, everything about this menu will delight. Plus, there’s always the bar offering tasty burgers!

One downside of our meal was that it became quite heavy after awhile; but dessert is there for that very purpose!

The drinks

Restaurant Hubert is an ode to big night out experiences: beginning in the bar and moving through drinks and shows before ending with indulgent dishes like shot-glass-sized cognac shots or aged butter in jars; every element here has been designed for maximum pleasure and indulgence. Even its wine list offers luxury that strikes a balance between low-intervention artisanal wines from smaller wineries as well as benchmark bottles from France’s most celebrated appellations.

Hubert Restaurant was launched with great fanfare early 2016 by Anton Forte and Jason Scott (owners of Shady Pines Saloon, The Baxter Inn and Frankie’s Pizza). A cavernous basement space theatrically dressed in red velvet drapes and burnished wood bars.

The menu featured classic French dishes as well as unique interpretations crafted by chef Dan Pepperell from 10 William Street. His work showed an understanding of how to celebrate special moments without overdoing it and prolong the enjoyment of festivities.

Hubert excels at crafting tender and flavorful meat dishes like his Roast Chicken Fricassee. While its tarragon-mushroom sauce could use more earthy tones such as aniseed or even earthier mushrooms for balance, its generous deposits of actual mushrooms under each piece more than makes up for any deficiencies. An impressive dish which displays Hubert’s mastery at cooking large meats delicately.