Restaurant Hubert is an ode to grand evening outs that begin with drinks at a bar, take in a show, and finish up over cheese and Cognac – it is an intricately realized concept from the same team who are responsible for Shady Pines, Baxter Inn and Frankie’s – perfect places for celebrating grand occasions!

Live Jazz Music

Restaurant Hubert opened in 2016 as the inaugural full-service restaurant from Sydney bar collective Swillhouse Group, famed for establishing iconic Sydney bars like Baxter Inn, Shady Pines Saloon and Frankie’s Pizza. Nestled into Bligh Street’s heart is this grand wooden door which requires just a slight push to reveal its cavernous parlour below – seven distinct rooms can be found inside including low-light antechamber lined with miniature bottles; Le Train Bleu-inspired railway carriage booths for kissing couples; Bar Normandy where business deals can be discussed over house martinis or house martinis.

On weeknights, this restaurant features a live jazz band which adds greatly to its atmosphere. Dim lighting and live music create a romantic ambiance perfect for romantic dinner dates; food is delicious while staff are helpful – making the restaurant stand out and worth a visit!

Restaurant Hubert takes you back in time, to post-war Paris. It’s an unforgettable experience best shared with someone special while sipping Burgundy or one of their impressive wines from their impressive list. Indulge in cocktails as well, and don’t miss their French inspired menu featuring duck parfait, escargot and steak bavette; their desserts are equally satisfying; all perfect for date nights!


Restaurant Hubert will transport you back to postwar Paris when it was still the place to be seen and heard, from the moment you walk beneath its nondescript door and descend its wood-panelled staircase. Red velvet curtains, live jazz band music, candlelit tables and red velvet curtains add to this feeling of time travel – while its menu full of well-executed French classics as well as extensive wine list featuring many vintage wines as well as Australian takes on them makes for a night to remember!

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Jason Scott and Anton Forte of the Swillhouse Group that owns Shady Pines Saloon, Baxter Inn and Frankie’s Pizza know exactly how to set the atmosphere here – dim lighting with dark wooden furniture all around adds depth of ambience as you wander the labyrinthine of rooms and stairwells that lead to Frankie’s Pizza.

As well as offering traditional dishes like chicken fricassee and beef tartare, the food menu also showcases their passion for Paris by serving dishes such as whole Australian rock lobster in Armoricaine sauce, Gruyere souffle, and duck parfait. Indulge in large plates such as whole Australian rock lobster with Armoricaine sauce, Gruyere souffle, and duck parfait! For large groups dining together they also serve large plates such as whole Australian rock lobster in Armoricaine sauce; Gruyere souffle; Gruyere souffle and duck parfait. For larger parties they serve large plates such as whole Australian rock lobster in Armoricaine sauce; Gruyere souffle; duck parfait. Indulgence meets global awareness of bistro with dishes such as XO escargot and steak tartare alongside more traditional fare such as chicken fricassee and beef tartare – you won’t leave hungry!


As you descend the spiral staircase from Bligh Street to Restaurant Hubert, you’ll be transported back in time. A mysterious wooden door opens onto an atmosphere of scarlet drapes, fringed lamps cast a romantic glow and tall bottles arranged like soldiers lining the cellar. Inside there are multiple bars, dining rooms and even a theatre!

Food at this opulent fantasy is as tantalizing as its surroundings, with dishes like the Nick and Nora Martini or an escargot bowl drenched with spicy XO sauce drawing you deeper into its fantasy world.

Hubert stands out from its competition by providing a strong formula for success. A classic French bistro serving seafood and meat, its menu boasts rich duck liver parfait, Boudin noir black sausage, anchovy toast with its complex bitter flavor perfectly complimenting crusty free-flowing bread, as well as other mouthwatering offerings like Boudin noir black sausage. All made possible thanks to Jason Scott, Anton and Stefan Forte from Swillhouse Group (Baxter Inn, Frankie’s Pizza Shady Pines Saloon), Dan Pepperell (10 William Street). Their collective vision creates allurement without rivaling anything in their restaurant offerings!

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Restaurant Hubert made its debut in early 2016, and Sydney rejoiced. Opening as the debut full-service restaurant from young gun duo Anton Forte and Jason Scott (of Shady Pines Saloon, Baxter Inn and Frankie’s Pizza fame), its cavernous basement space features red velvet drapes, burnished wood bars, candlelit tables – truly making an impactful statement of quality dining in Sydney.

Design elements reminiscent of postwar France are present here with its dim lighting and dark wooden furniture. It provides an idyllic setting perfect for celebrating any special event with family or friends; service is impeccable, food delicious – definitely a place any lover of French cuisine must visit!

Hubert Restaurant in Sydney is a true treasure in terms of dining out experiences, offering something truly exceptional from the moment you walk through its door to when you exit again – you will truly be transported into another realm as soon as you set foot inside this fantastic restaurant! Don’t miss it; everyone should experience Hubert!

Hubert is an intimate and romantic spot perfect for dates. Situated in a cavernous basement space with red velvet curtains and an extensive wine selection, its menu boasts classic French dishes such as steak tartare, chicken fricassee and creme caramel accompanied by live jazz music in dim lighting for an unforgettable dining experience. Their staff is also extremely welcoming, making Hubert an excellent way to commemorate special occasions!