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Restaurant Hubert Review

Restaurant Hubert pays homage to an evening that begins in the bar, moves to the theater, and ends with Martinis, oysters, cheese and Cognac for dessert.

Mahogany-panelled spiral staircase at this venue acts as an instant travel portal to postwar France; wine list boasting extensive variety is another added attraction.

The atmosphere

Restaurant Hubert offers an intimate and inviting dining experience, ideal for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. As soon as you walk through its doors, you will be whisked back in time. With live music playing in the background and its dark setting providing the ideal ambience to make for a romantic nighttime experience.

Hubert, designed by the hospo geniuses behind Shady Pines Saloon, Baxter Inn and Frankie’s Pizza is designed to offer an unforgettable theatrical experience from the minute you step through its door. As soon as you descend the spiral staircase you’ll enter this dark and moody space which feels as if taken right from one of Baz Luhrman’s film sets (minus Nicole Kidman sitting atop one of those swings!).

From there it’s all about food, with traditional French dishes and drinks served in an intimate underground cavern setting. Dim lighting sets the atmosphere while jazz bands play overhead while bottle lined walls feature vintage posters adorning them all.

The wine list matches its decor perfectly, featuring both French and Australian-themed varietals. There’s even an impressive cellar packed with low-intervention Burgundies! Service staff know their stuff here – just be prepared for expensive dining as this place won’t come cheap!

The food

Restaurant Hubert transports you instantly into another world when you step down its mahogany-panelled staircase, like entering Tardis-like into Narnia but serving French food instead.

Swillhouse Group (Frankie’s Pizza, Baxter’s Inn and Shady Pines Saloon) recently unveiled their first full-service restaurant and it already feels familiar and established. The design aims to evoke postwar Europe; decadent yet elegant where service is gracious and people dress up for cocktails.

Chef Dan Pepperell from 10 William Street has created a menu with this theme in mind. By dressing escargots with XO sauce and framing duck parfait with maple syrup jelly, he showcases his culinary skill.

The menu offers light entree-style dishes like charcuterie to heavier share dishes and main courses such as Murray cod or Chateaubriand; however, for an unforgettable dining experience the best dish may be Tarragon and Mushroom Chicken which boasts tender, rich texture with incredible pre-treatment flavor bursting through its preservative layers – pair it with one of Burgundy’s low intervention wine selections and you will have yourself an unforgettable night!

The service

Restaurant Hubert is an ode to big night outs that start in a bar and end with Cognac and cheese – and the dining room at Restaurant Hubert encapsulates this atmosphere beautifully with scarlet drapes, fringed lamps casting a romantic glow, countless wine bottles lining the walls, bow-tied waiters carrying share platters of whole duck, serving cocktails from an in-house cookbook-esque menu and the jazz band playing classics by Johnny Mathis and early Sinatra making every momentous encounter memorable and date night- perfect!

Menus at Le Bistrot de Paris reflect both their love of Paris and an understanding that bistro is now accessible worldwide. Chef Dan Pepperell has updated classic dishes like escargots with XO sauce or duck parfait in maple-syrup jelly; their wine list also reflects this philosophy, featuring both France’s premier artisanal vintners as well as benchmark bottles from around the globe.

Restaurant Hubert only opened its doors in 2016, yet is already one of Sydney’s premier dining establishments. As Swillhouse Group’s first full-service restaurant, but it feels as if it has always been around – its mahogany staircase leading down into its grand dining room is like a mahogany Tardis that transports you away to another time and place, where guests can tuck into steak bavette and listen to live jazz soundtrack.

The drinks

Restaurant Hubert offers an unmatched collection of foot rails that instantly transports visitors back to postwar Paris. As part of Sydney’s Swillhouse group (Shady Pines Saloon, Baxter Inn and Frankie’s Pizza), this full-service venue marks their inaugural attempt at full service. From day one it becomes apparent that their team knows what they are doing.

Chef Dan Pepperell’s menu innovates on classic dishes while giving them an updated twist, like serving escargot in XO sauce and framing duck parfait with maple syrup jelly. His wine list offers ample choice; while there is an emphasis on French wines, there is still room for Aussie interpretations as well.

Restaurant Hubert offers an unforgettable dining experience – be it sipping on a Martini at the bar, or dining in Beatrix Dining Room on Murray cod and cheese, Restaurant Hubert is perfect for an unforgettable celebration with friends. Make sure that six people join in so that everyone can try everything available.

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