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New York City offers diners plenty to love in terms of its restaurant scene, from old-school staples to buzzy hotspots offering bucket list foods. But with such an abundance of choices available to them, how can diners choose between them all? Review sites often provide helpful insight.

Make sure your customers can easily locate you by claiming your profile on these 10 top restaurant review websites, then manage negative reviews by responding appropriately.


Restaurant menus serve as the first line of communication between restaurants and their customers, so it is imperative that they present food items in an appealing way. Unfortunately, this task is no simple feat; many restaurateurs spend hours or even weeks iterating their menu designs until they achieve perfection. Consideration should also be given to the golden triangle, where diners’ eyes typically travel from the center towards top left and top right corners, when placing high-margin items at these positions. There are also different kinds of restaurant menus, including static (which includes appetizers, entrees and side dishes); a la carte (allowing diners to order according to personal preferences); and cycle menus which change daily for a set period).

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