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Red Star Restaurant Review

red star restaurant review

Set yourself back in time with this classic dim sum spot of the 1980s! Watch as trolley-pushing aunties glide past your table, stamping cards to track orders (it is acceptable to order too much!), and serving up dishes such as xiao long bao ($4.50), liu sha bao ($4), and har gao stuffed with shrimp ($4.50).


Red Star offers the type of authentic push cart dim sum experience you just don’t find anymore, complete with decor from an 1980s Hong Kong triad film. Aunties push around carts loaded with dishes like shrimp-stuffed liu sha bao ($4.70), egg yolk custard xiao long bao ($4.50) and whole shrimp har gao ($4.50), all from aunties pushing carts around. Order as many dishes as your heart desires without fear – that’s part of the fun – grab what strikes your eye and enjoy.

Reliable dim sum options here include char siew sou ($4.50), siu mai and an oversized har gao stuffed with shrimp for $5 each – not to mention service that can sometimes be somewhat spotty but that only adds to its old-school charm!

This gem is known only to older generations in Singapore and one of only a few restaurants that has managed to remain hidden for 50 years – without advertising or even having a website! Although its cuisine makes the trip worthwhile, you might prefer something else if crowds or subpar service bother you.


Red Star offers Chinese cuisine near Bethel Gospel Assembly for guests seeking an exotic dining experience. Their offerings include dumplings, chicken and prawns – plus excellent customer service and a welcoming environment according to Google users!

This restaurant is an unassuming gem that only older generations know about, never advertising and living by word-of-mouth for decades. Its layout and recipes remain unchanged over the years giving a sense of nostalgia to many; furthermore it’s family friendly too; just make sure that you arrive early to avoid crowds!


The restaurant has maintained the same layout and recipes for over four decades, creating a sense of nostalgia and making it a must-visit spot for Cantonese food fans. While service may be slow at times, their delicious dishes more than make up for any wait, with their soothing atmosphere making this the ideal setting to enjoy your meal!

The ambience at this old-fashioned restaurant is charmingly nostalgic with wooden tables and chairs and staff dressed like they belong in an 80’s Hong Kong triad film. Weekends tend to be very busy here so be prepared for a wait on weekends; the food however, particularly chee cheong fun and xiao long bao is delicious (minus having enough soup inside for my liking :/ ), although otherwise great service was given here.

After work, this restaurant provides the perfect place for quick bites or drinks at reasonable prices, with seating to accommodate large groups. It is also perfect for large gatherings as there is ample seating space. With their warm and cozy atmosphere and extensive menu ranging from sushi and sashimi to vegetarian/vegan items like garlic chilli tofu, yasai yaki soba, and mapo tofu available – not forgetting their great drink selection at their bar as well!

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