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Red Star Restaurant Review

Red Star Dim Sum is one of the few restaurants left that still offers traditional pushcart dim sum experience, featuring aunties serving dishes such as xiao long bao, liu sha bao and har gao from carts pushed among tables by aunties. Be wary when overindulging here! It can easily lead to overindulgence!

Food served piping hot is available here, while there is also an extensive drinks selection including Tsingtao and local craft beers.

Authentic Cantonese cuisine

Red Star Restaurant has long been revered as an icon of Chinese cuisine, making its mark since its opening in 1970 with traditional dim sum dishes that remain unchanged from then to today. Red Star remains one of the few places in Singapore offering such classic offerings, creating a deep sense of nostalgia for many visitors to Singapore.

At times overrated and overcrowded, this place is well worth visiting simply for its nostalgic value. Boasting decor and staff uniforms straight out of a 1980’s Hong Kong triad film, this restaurant serves classic Cantonese cuisine such as the char siu bao and liu sha bao (must try) among many others – however the skin on har gao may be too thick for my taste.

At this upscale Cantonese restaurant, the standout dish is the salty-sweet grilled chicken. Tender and coated in caramelized sugar for the skin – pairing wonderfully with its sticky sweet sauce! Additionally, they offer delicious pancakes adorned with scallion and sesame seed seeds, ideal for filling them up with thinly sliced beef or scrambled eggs! Open for lunch and dinner seating limited seating availability with convenient parking lot making this restaurant great choice for sharing a fantastic meal with your friends.

A blast from the past

Red Star Dim Sum offers some serious nostalgia with their timeless layout and recipes that have not changed for over four decades, giving this place a genuine vintage vibe that can be found in their iconic metal chairs, carpeted floors and cart-pushing dim sum ladies.

Hugh Wilson knows how to keep this light-hearted romantic comedy on track by including classic Benny Hill chase scenes and scenes wherein an inept driver drives wild, which help this story stay on the rails.

Red Star is an exciting addition to Exton Square Mall, which has long been overshadowed by chain restaurants. I anticipate that once word gets out about this hidden gem, people from both nearby communities as well as visitors will make regular stops here – both locally and from further away.

Good value for money

Prices are very reasonable and dishes are quite filling; all classic dim sum carts such as siu mai, xiao long bao and liu sha bao can be found here for very reasonable prices – you could likely find similar items elsewhere for cheaper. Service is excellent as staff is always pleasant and accommodating.

Exton Square mall and surrounding area has recently experienced an exciting addition. Offering visitors an alternative to chain restaurants and fast food joints that typically occupy this otherwise sleepy mall, The Food Court stands as an integral component.

I strongly suggest this place to anyone seeking the nostalgic charm and authentic dim sum experience that this restaurant provides. Plus, this spot provides one of the best value-for-money offerings I have come across so far in the area.

Good food

Red Star Dim Sum Restaurant is unquestionably one of the premier dim sum spots in town and has provided much-needed vibrancy and interest in Exton Square Mall, otherwise home to uninspiring chain restaurants. Offering traditional pushcart dim sum favorites such as siu mai, xiao long bao, liu sha bao (featuring thick egg custard with perfect viscosity), har gao ($4 per basket), Red Star aunties are very efficient at stamping orders quickly before bringing them directly to your table – we highly recommend coming with enough people so as to split orders quickly before stamping them yourself. We recommend it! Just be sure you come with enough people so split some orders when placing multiple orders!

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