red star restaurant review

Red Star is an ideal place for anyone seeking old school dim sum, boasting an inviting yet comfortable setting that seats 65 diners comfortably and serves up excellent cuisine and friendly service.

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It’s a great place for old school dim sum

This restaurant offers an unforgettable retro dining experience and should not be missed by fans of old school dim sum. Its layout and recipes have remained unchanged since the 1970s, providing a sense of nostalgia. One of few establishments still using push carts for serving, its food being delivered around by middle-aged waitresses who stamp yellow order cards as they pass. Although service can be slow at times, its experience alone will make the wait worthwhile.

At this restaurant, they serve an assortment of Chinese teas such as Chrysanthemum, Pu Er and Tie Guan Yin to satiate every tea lover’s need for caffeine. There is also a selection of traditional small teacups which can be sterilized by boiling water prior to use. In terms of menu offerings, there is seafood, soups and dim sum galore including Har Gow with dry and cracked skin; braised chicken feet & pork ribs as well as beef balls wrapped in beancurd skin among many more highlights!

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Dim sum enthusiasts looking for the authentic Hong Kong experience will adore this restaurant’s charming dining room featuring long wooden tables and red carpets that set the mood. Additionally, their staff is welcoming and friendly while their food delicious; in particular their roasted duck is tender yet juicy with no gamey aftertaste due to roasting.

It’s a great place for family gatherings

Red Star Restaurant is the ideal spot for family get-togethers, with its warm atmosphere and mouthwatering cuisine. Staff members are welcoming, prices are reasonable, and takeout services provide convenient food service options.

For over four decades, this restaurant’s layout and recipes have remained unchanged, providing it with a sense of nostalgia. Decor is classic American with dark wood elements throughout and dim lighting. The atmosphere is cozy – providing a great escape from winter or a place to gather on rainy days!

Exton Square Mall’s former Houlihan’s space has seen an overwhelming amount of foot traffic since this new eatery’s grand opening last month. It provides exactly the type of restaurant needed to draw people in from all of its mundane chain eateries; and with comfort food like roast beef sandwiches, mac and cheese and fried chicken on offer again as comfort foods on its menu – along with weekly specials like Meatball Mondays and Taco Tuesdays too.

It’s a great place for vegetarians

Red Star Restaurant has quickly become one of the go-to spots in Philadelphia for dim sum. Situated within Exton Square mall and featuring ample seating capacity, this classic establishment is now one of the city’s most beloved dim sum joints. Vegetarians will especially love this establishment; its varied vegetable dishes can include American duck, fried yam pots filled with scallops and prawns and bamboo fungus with abalone mushrooms – among many others!

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At this no-frills counter-service restaurant, guests can enjoy classic Chinese fare as well as vegetarian items. Amanda Cohen, an advocate of vegetarian fine dining in New York City for over 10 years, leads the kitchen. She has become adept at using mock meats and is actively leading discussions regarding fairer wages for workers.

Since the 1970s, this restaurant’s layout and recipes have remained virtually unchanged, giving the space a sense of history. Furthermore, its cozy ambience makes it the ideal spot for winter cuddling or simply meeting friends on rainy days. Only locals know about its existence – no website nor advertising can help drive sales; nonetheless word-of-mouth recommendations generate considerable business for this hidden gem!

It’s a great place for seafood

Red Star Restaurant will delight seafood enthusiasts. Featuring classic metal chairs and carpeted floors for an inviting ambience, takeout food is also offered making Red Star the ideal place for quick meals at Exton Square Mall. Expect long lines when dining here but the food makes the wait worth your while!

This restaurant is an unexpected gem known to only older generations in Singapore. Without an official website or advertising campaign, word of its great food spread through word-of-mouth alone – yet still managed to draw huge crowds upon opening in Exton Square mall – giving much-needed boost of traffic and interest for this otherwise sleepy mall.