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Red Star Restaurant Review

red star restaurant review

Red Star Restaurant offers delicious Chinese cuisine in an inviting and friendly environment, featuring an impressive variety of dishes sure to please every palette. Visit today and discover Red Star!

This restaurant provides traditional dim sum, complete with food being delivered by pushcart like in Hong Kong. A wonderful way to transport yourself back in time! For those of us old enough to recall!

The food

Food here is quite good, but what truly distinguishes it is its ability to transport you back in time to another era where life moved more slowly. Enjoy getting your dim sum from traditional push carts manned by dim sum aunties; order favorite dishes such as siew mai, xiao long bao, har gao and liu sha bao or even their famous roast duck ($16 for half) which features tender meat without a gamey flavor accompanied by thick and rich egg custard that doesn’t overly sweet sweetness!

The atmosphere

Red Star Restaurant has been operating continuously for over seventy years, keeping its layout and recipes unchanged during that time, creating a very nostalgic ambiance. The place has long been popular and on Sunday mornings is often busy; offering an authentic dining experience complete with both old and new furniture pieces.

Food at this venue was excellent, though some dishes were slightly inconsistent: for instance, some xiao long bao dishes were dry while the liu sha bao had an unusual taste – however the roast duck was an absolutely delectable experience!

Staff here is very friendly and accommodating, service is fast, prices are affordable – making this an excellent place for lunch! Unfortunately though, its cuisine may not be quite as authentic compared to some other Chinese restaurants in Singapore; but for an enjoyable dining experience I would certainly recommend this establishment.

The prices

Prices charged here are relatively inexpensive in relation to the quality of food served, while takeout service allows visitors to have their meals quickly.

This restaurant brings Hong Kong alive with its classic metal chairs and carpeted floors, offering guests the taste of traditional dim sum such as Siew Mai, Xiao Long Bao and Liu Sha Bao dishes.

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