Red Star Dim Sum’s decor draws its inspiration from an 80s Hong Kong triad movie, making this dim sum joint only known to older generations – no website, no advertising and living by word-of-mouth for years. Look out for traditional cart-pusher aunties to hawk baskets of shrimp-stuffed liu sha bao, egg yolk custard xiao long bao and large har gao.

The food

Red Star offers an authentic push cart dim sum experience you simply won’t find elsewhere, with decor straight out of a 1980s Hong Kong triad movie. Traditional cart-pushing aunties will swarm your table offering shrimp-stuffed liu sha bao ($4.70), egg yolk custard xiao long bao ($4.50) and whole shrimp har gao ($4.50). All these items are delicious; please order as many as desired; just remember self control is key!

Chee cheong fun is especially delightful here, featuring thin skin with delicious flavors and smooth creamy filling. Don’t miss the delicious fried sesame ball as an after-dinner treat either; this restaurant will take you back in time! If you love Chinese cuisine this should definitely be on your itinerary.

Red Star Restaurant near Bethel Gospel Assembly offers an exotic atmosphere and great Chinese cuisine, perfect for families. Their food is cooked perfectly to please every palette on their varied menu. Additionally, guests rave about their service; staff is welcoming and attentive while prices remain affordable; open both lunch and dinner hours with limited wait times so plan to arrive early to avoid disappointment!

The service

Red Star Restaurant is a favorite among both locals and visitors to this part of Thailand. Their friendly, attentive staff provides delicious food prepared with meticulous precision; dim sum, noodles and rice dishes can all be found on their menu, alongside specialty cocktails, beer as well as wine or whiskey selection. They even have their own bar that serves speciality cocktails! Additionally, there is also the Red Star Tavern for special occasion dining with a full selection of wines and whiskey.

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Red Star Restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine, featuring delicious dumplings, chicken, and prawn dishes that will tempt any palette. Relax with friends or family over an enjoyable meal in its comfortable environment while dining with children!

Near Bethel Gospel Assembly, this restaurant is known for its outstanding customer service and inviting atmosphere. Their menu has something for everyone at reasonable prices – making this restaurant a must visit for Chinese food enthusiasts!

Red Star Restaurant is a renowned dim sum establishment serving delicious Cantonese cuisine, serving some of Singapore’s oldest diners with tasty Cantonese dishes. This classic establishment is one of Singapore’s oldest eateries and exudes nostalgia, from its decor and uniforms that recall 1980s Hong Kong triad movies to delicious food such as Chee Cheong Fun with thin skin yet extremely flavorful filling; other popular choices are xiao long bao, Har Gao and Siu Mai dishes.

The atmosphere

Red Star Restaurant is a family-owned establishment featuring traditional Chinese decor. Offering an expansive menu including dim sum and noodles, its atmosphere is inviting while its staff are helpful and friendly. In addition, set menus make this dining option suitable for large groups.

This restaurant provides an authentic Asian experience and the food is worth the wait. The atmosphere harkens back to a 1980s Hong Kong triad film and service is efficient and professional; their menu may seem expansive but waiters can help guide decisions should any difficulty arise in making decisions.

Red Star Chinese Eatery, situated nearby Bethel Gospel Assembly, offers exquisite Chinese cuisine in an atmosphere rich with character and offers dumplings, chicken and prawn dishes in an exotic environment – making this restaurant ideal for families with young children.

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Red Star Restaurant stands out among Chinese eateries by serving authentic Chinese fare with ease and generosity. Renowned for its fresh ingredients and flavorful sauces, their meals are always prepared perfectly and the portions generous.

The restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Although its decor may seem plain, it provides an elegant and cozy environment, perfect for serving Chinese cuisine in a welcoming environment at reasonable prices. Many guests have also noted how helpful and accommodating its staff can be.

The price

Red Star Restaurant provides delicious Chinese fare near Bethel Gospel Assembly at affordable prices in an exotic atmosphere that many customers appreciate. Famous for serving dumplings, chicken and prawns with attentive staff who ensure your service runs smoothly according to Google users; Red Star also stands out as being one of the few places in town offering an authentic pushcart experience complete with cart-pushing dim sum ladies and decor that dates back decades – an authentic pushcart experience you don’t often come across these days!