red star restaurant review

Red Star Restaurant is an oasis of nostalgia, its recipes and layout having remained unchanged for over four decades – it will instantly take you back in time. A visit here will transport you there!

Red Star is an iconic institution in Singapore and offers a vast selection of Chinese cuisine served via food trolleys in traditional fashion. A visit here brings back memories for older generations living here.

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Red Star Restaurant (locals know it as Hong Xing Jiu Jia) has long remained undiscovered despite being one of Singapore’s famed dim sum joints. While its dim sum may not be exceptional, its atmosphere harks back to a time capsule from the 1960s; with no website and only advertising through word of mouth from older generation Singapore residents.

Family run, this restaurant resembles something out of a Hong Kong triad movie from the 1980s with classic push carts and long wait times for tables on weekends. Food quality is excellent though and sitting down with traditional Chinese style dim sum is truly enjoyable, complete with aunties lingering near your table stamping their cards for every order placed – Siew Mai, xiao long bao, and Liu Sha Bao are among many excellent selections here.

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