Kiseki is an excellent budget dining choice with fresh sushi offerings and adequate cooked food selection, as well as being affordable enough for weekday lunch service. The fresh sashimi selection makes this dining experience unforgettable – not to mention their unbeatably competitive weekday lunch prices!

This buffet offers an outstanding MEGA Japanese Buffet at Mini Prices – making it perfect for sharing with the entire family!


Kiseki Japanese Buffet restaurant in Singapore is the place to go if you are seeking an affordable yet delectable Japanese buffet experience. Situated on the 8th floor of Orchard Central, this all-you-can-eat establishment serves an all-inclusive selection of sushi and sashimi, yakitori robatayaki nabemono agemono dishes plus delicious kuey teow mochi options that makes this an excellent spot to share a meal with large groups of family / friends or relatives.

At this restaurant, the sashimi counter is truly impressive; with fresh fish delivered quickly. Furthermore, their dessert section boasts delicious cakes, chocolate fondue, and ice cream; though unfortunately the prices for lunch can be slightly high.

Avoid the long wait by booking your table in advance via their phone or website. Food quality is excellent, while service is fast and friendly; not to mention their spacious facility with friendly and accommodating staff members ready to assist you!

This restaurant features an inviting carnival theme, complete with an expansive ice cream station and delectable desserts. Perfect for family outings, however the prices can be high; however the sashimi and dessert alone more than make up for any potential shortfall in terms of culinary excellence – definitely worth your money for both items alone!


Kiseki offers over 200 buffet items across 29 categories. Enjoy Japanese delicacies like fresh sashimi and sushi, yakitori and robata grilling, cold buckwheat noodles, Japanese hot pot and much more. Indulge in Japanese-inspired cuisine such as lip-smacking Garlic Ribeye Steak, succulent Marinated Teriyaki Chicken as well as an impressive array of Japanese Skewers such as Grilled Chicken Corn Kebabs Beef Skewers etc.

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The buffet featured an impressive variety of desserts, with cakes, chocolate fondue fountain and ice cream by the scoop among them. Additionally, Asian kuehs and mochi were offered. Overall, food quality was generally very high while service was fast and attentive; we were quickly served and our drinks were frequently refilled.

Sashimi selection was excellent; however, some fish such as salmon seemed unusual in taste and texture compared to more expensive options available elsewhere. Still, overall it was a wonderful buffet and weekday lunch prices are very competitive – I will certainly come back for more offerings! This restaurant provides the ideal place for gatherings of any kind; with seating capacity for 100 guests at once and child-friendly environment!


Kiseki Buffet Restaurant provides an affordable dining experience, offering fresh sushi and other delectable cooked items as well as an impressive dessert station with chocolate fondue fountain and scoopable ice cream. Additionally, there is some Asian kuehs on offer here too. Service at this establishment is generally friendly and attentive as staff quickly clear away plates while food replenishment takes place often enough; while their facility is clean and spacious.

Only thing I would suggest would be for them to provide more sashimi as I found their buffet very small for its price point. Squid, salmon and tuna sashimi was particularly tasty while I found their yellow tail and ebi slightly fishy in texture. This may have been caused by their use of cheaper fish. Each table also had a reminder tag reminding guests that food waste will incur charges; so please only take what can be consumed. Overall, this buffet restaurant with its carnival theme provides a range of Japanese foods at an affordable price. Their weekday lunch buffet is particularly recommended if you’re searching for Japanese fare in town; make reservations in advance as the place can become very busy quickly!

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Kiseki offers an impressive variety of desserts to select from, such as cakes and tarts; chocolate fondue fountain; ice cream by the scoop; mochi; Asian kuehs as well as mochi balls and mochi desserts. In addition, their buffet features hot dishes such as rice bowls; sashimi; cold sushi; and yakitori dishes – everything needed for a delightful and indulgent dining experience!

This restaurant is an excellent option for large groups or families with young children. With its carnival-esque atmosphere and food that meets expectations for a buffet-style restaurant, this establishment also provides kid-friendly service with its separate area dedicated to young diners. In terms of price and freshness, its offerings make this choice hard to beat!

Hillman Restaurant in Jalan Pudu is an ideal dining choice for both locals and visitors, serving authentic Cantonese claypot dishes like Cold Jelly Chicken and Pei Pa Duck dishes renowned for their Cold Jelly Chicken or Pei Pa Duck offerings. Additionally, its decor exudes theatre as soon as you enter; complete with scarlet drapes and fringed lamps creating an engaging dining experience.

This Japanese buffet restaurant is an absolute must for those in search of great value dining experiences. Their weekday lunch buffet costs $50 nett for two people and features unlimited sashimi, sushi, tempura, Robatayaki, Yakitori Teppanyaki and Nabemono hot pot items – though service may be somewhat inconsistent; failing to make reservations could result in long waiting queues before seating is offered to you – something which may prove quite frustrating!