Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant began offering their wide array of cuisine in 2012 for $70 for two persons on weekday dinner buffet nights.

Over 200 buffet items spread out among 10 food categories are sure to please every palette, with highlights like sashimi and sushi, Yakitori and Robatayaki as well as cold buckwheat noodles and soups among many more delicious delights!


At this restaurant’s main dining area, there are eight to ten different stalls that specialize in Japanese street food including sushi, tempura, yakitori, Robatayaki, Nabemono (Japanese hot pot) and cold seafood dishes. Furthermore, their Japanese-Western fusion pasta dish makes for a unique dining experience!

The sushi and sashimi buffet at Blue Ocean Fish House is an absolute must, featuring premium-grade fish that is freshly cut for you to enjoy. Their expert sushi chefs specialize in crafting delectable bites such as the melt-in-mouth salmon belly. Sashimi dishes feature tuna, squid, surf clams and other delicacies from their daily catch – be mindful when ordering though: waste is charged separately! Plus they provide highchairs as well as kid-sized cutlery to cater to children’s dietary needs! This restaurant welcomes children as they provide highchairs as well as kid utensils!


Sashimi (pronounced shmi) is thinly-sliced raw meat or fish served with soy sauce and other condiments such as wasabi and pickled ginger. Although found at many Japanese restaurants around the world, not all sashimi restaurants provide a wide variety of choices; chicken that can contain salmonella or cooked pig face are not often featured as choices; other exotic options like pufferfish may be found occasionally.

Be careful when eating sashimi as improper preparation can result in food poisoning. Also note that sashimi and sushi differ: while sashimi refers to simply protein served over vinegar-dressed rice, sushi includes both this as well as seaweed and vegetables such as nori seaweed and vegetables. Salmon toro and tuna toro are popular choices for sashimi; Katsuo bonito has become widely-renowned as both dried katsuoboshi topping rice bowls or being part of soup broths.

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Kiseki offers a lunch buffet every weekday for $50 nett per person, making the cost just $25 when dining with two. Their dinner buffet also boasts an assortment of Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi, robatayaki, teppanyaki and tempura dishes – ideal for sharing among family or friends!

On one side of the restaurant is a cold seafood counter offering prawns, fish, shellfish and crab to start off your meal before moving onto more hot items like their Grilled Salmon Fish Head.

Sukiyaki station at Red Lobster offers delicious beef slices, mushrooms and vegetables served in a sweet-savoury broth, along with Asian kuehs and desserts such as cakes and mochi. As food waste will incur charges, please remember to only take as much food as you will consume- especially if children are present!

Cold Appetizers

Kiseki is a Japanese buffet restaurant offering an extensive variety of cold and hot dishes as well as desserts and sweets at competitively low prices, making this an excellent value among Japanese eateries.

Over 200 buffet items are featured on their extensive menu, divided into various categories. Specialty dishes include fresh sashimi, yakitori and robatayaki skewers; Nabemono (Japanese hot pot); Teppanyaki; and Cold Buckwheat Noodles are just some of the menu highlights.

Their weekday lunch buffet costs $50 nett for two, with dinner costing more. Their dinner buffet offers a wider variety of food, more premium seafood items and larger dessert selection including cakes and ice cream. In addition, drinks such as sake and tea are offered. Please be mindful that there will be charges applied if any food goes uneaten, thus diners must only take as much as they can consume at one sitting.

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Hot Appetizers

Kiseki is one of Singapore’s cheapest Japanese buffet restaurants, offering weekday lunch buffets at $20 nett per person (must come with someone), while weekend dinner banquets cost slightly more at $70 nett for two.

They offer an assortment of hot appetizers such as yakitori, robatayaki and teppanyaki skewers to choose from as well as cold dishes such as soup, salad and sushi.

They offer several savoury rice bowls, such as sukiyaki (a dish featuring beef slices, mushrooms, veggies, and raw eggs in a savory-sweet broth) as well as noodles, pizza and fried breads for lunch or dinner. Their dessert selection features cakes, chocolate fondue fountain and ice cream as well as Asian kuehs and mochi for dessert!


Kiseki offers an assortment of delectable desserts to round off a satisfying dining experience, such as cakes, pudding, and mochi.

They also feature a dessert counter where customers can select their own flavor of ice cream and chocolate fondue to indulge in, with Asian kuehs available as something different and tasty too!

Kiseki offers an affordable food buffet, priced at $50 on weekdays and $70 nett on weekends, that offers an extensive selection of dishes to satisfy all appetites ranging from weekday lunch specials like Japanese baked cheese oyster to seasonal specials such as Japanese-style baked cheese oyster. If you prefer an enhanced variety, come by for their dinner buffet that runs between 6pm-10pm; although slightly more costly it offers even greater choice including seasonal specialties such as Japanese baked cheese oyster!