Kiseki Japanese Buffet restaurant in Singapore provides an exceptional dining experience with delicious food at competitive pricing. Their grilled dishes are especially mouthwatering – don’t miss their incredible garlic ribeye steak and sizzling marinated teriyaki chicken!

Sashimi from this restaurant is consistently fresh, as their chefs produce it quickly. Their lunch price during weekdays is also extremely reasonable at only $20 per person.


Kiseki Japanese Buffet offers delicious food at an affordable price, including sushi, sashimi, yakitori, teppanyaki, Japanese hot pot and cold buckwheat noodles. In addition, there’s also an impressive beverage selection!

Food was delicious and fresh; they offered an extensive variety of seafood and meat dishes as well as vegetables and desserts to choose from. Service was friendly and helpful; unfortunately though the staff did not speak English which proved challenging at times.

Kiseki offers an expansive buffet with over 200 items spread over 29 categories for just $20 per person – GST and service charge included! Make reservations ahead of time as otherwise you could end up waiting in line as those who made reservations are served first.

Kiseki offers an impressive buffet with fresh sashimi including salmon belly, tuna, and squid. Additionally, their Himawari Keki (a salmon cake that looks like sushi rolls filled with fresh sashimi and Japanese rice) and their popular Chirashi Don are two must-try choices; tempura and udon dishes can also be found there.


Kiseki has quickly become one of the premier destinations for affordable Japanese buffets. Their dinner buffet offers an incredible value with its vast spread at an extremely reasonable price, boasting 29 food categories including fresh sashimi selection. Also, there’s a delicious range of cooked Japanese cuisine like yakitori and robatayaki as well as teppanyaki items and Nabemono (hot pot items).

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Kiseki’s buffet offers budget-conscious diners an excellent dining option without compromising the quality of food served. Their delectable grilled meats include lip-smacking Garlic Ribeye Steak and sizzling Marinated Teriyaki Chicken; there’s also an extensive selection of Japanese salads, dessert and ice cream that complement their selections perfectly.

The seafood section may not be as impressive as some other buffets, but still offers an impressive array of dishes like snow crab, fresh prawns and jelly fish. Their yakitori and robatayaki selection is excellent; plus their staff regularly replenishes sashimi stocks.

Make sure to reserve a table early during weekday lunch at the buffet; walk-ins won’t be accepted and will have to wait long hours; but rest assured, the food more than makes up for any additional costs than normal sushi bars!


One of the greatest things about Japanese buffet restaurants is their delicious array of cuisines. Here you’ll find all your favorites ranging from traditional sushi and sashimi to tempting tempura and grilled treats, while you also enjoy their pleasant atmosphere and comfortable seating arrangements. Additionally, the restaurant provides beverages and desserts so that you can savor a delectable meal and unwind afterward.

Staff at this restaurant is welcoming and accommodating; they’ll help you select your food items and offer recommendations if necessary, while also offering new dishes if you’re uncertain what to order. Finally, their efforts ensure that hot and fresh meals are always available!

Atmosphere at the restaurant is warm and cozy, offering an enjoyable dining experience for the entire family. Perfect to unwind after a hard day’s work or mark a special event!

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At Sushi Bar Tokyo there is an outstanding selection of sashimi from salmon, tuna, swordfish and yellowtail, in addition to other sushi rolls and nigiri dishes. Service is quick and efficient with chefs quickly refilling plates as needed.

The restaurant also provides other Japanese specialities, including beef tongue and pork cheek dishes as well as the popular yakitori chicken. Their service is well organized with separate queues for walk-ins and reservations.


Kiseki has long been recognized for their affordable Japanese buffet offerings. Boasting 29 categories and over 200 buffet items – such as sashimi, sushi, yakitori, robatayaki teppanyaki cold buckwheat noodles desserts and western food – their staff provides friendly prompt service and the buffet is accessible and enjoyable!

Kiseki restaurant boasts large dining areas that make it the perfect venue for large groups and corporate events, while their buffet items are regularly replenished – an indication that Kiseki offers quality beverages. Additionally, there are various alcoholic beverage choices to choose from!

Sashimi from this restaurant is exquisite; their grilled meats especially the rib eye steak and chicken are especially tender. Indulge in an array of desserts like mochi, cakes, pudding and ice cream; their rosti is equally as irresistible!

Kiseki offers an extremely reasonable buffet, particularly when compared to the cost of other Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Unfortunately, however, food quality varies considerably; they should improve it if they want their buffet to remain popular. In addition, waitresses should be more attentive and helpful; should they not be able to serve you immediately they should inform you immediately, saving both parties from any unnecessary wait time for service. Furthermore, their website should provide clearer descriptions of buffet menu items.