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Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant Review

Kiseki offers an outstanding buffet spread. However, for optimal service and better experience on weekdays it’s wise to make reservations in advance as the restaurant can become quite packed quickly.

Enjoy an impressive selection of sushi, sashimi, chawanmushi, teppanyaki, yakitori, nabemono and agemono dishes at an attractive price. Also take advantage of their western grill station and cold seafood section!


Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant provides an abundance of cuisine at reasonable prices, from sashimi and sushi, yakitori and robatayaki, nimono (simmered dishes), tempura and agemono as well as teppanyaki/yakisoba/teppanoko items/nabemono hot pot items/cold seafood as well as Asian Kuehs/desserts etc. It features 29 food categories.

The buffet is especially appealing to meat enthusiasts, offering a selection of cuts from beef, pork and chicken. Diners can select dishes such as garlic ribeye steak with its delicious garlicky marinated teriyaki flavor or sizzling marinated teriyaki chicken; additionally, side dishes including crispy renkon chips and salmon carpaccio are available as part of this buffet experience.

Guest can indulge in the premium buffet, featuring A5 Japanese Wagyu beef flown directly from Japan and other premium meats, Japanese-Western fusion dishes like the wagyu beef negiyaki and traditional sukiyaki (beef slices with mushrooms, veggies and raw egg steeped in sweet-savoury broth), salmon sweet shrimp and scallop sashimi and free flow assorted sushi options – for just S$70++ per couple during weekdays and S$90 per couple on weekends (with advance reservations recommended to avoid waiting lines).


Kiseki offers an expansive buffet line featuring many cuisines. Their sashimi selection stands out, boasting fresh salmon, tuna, yellow tail and octopus as well as shrimp tempura and clam dishes. You can even find Japanese hot pot and cold buckwheat noodles here!

Cooked food options at their restaurants include Garlic Ribeye Steak and Marinated Teriyaki Chicken, as well as juicy meats and sausages from their Western grill, as well as assorted cakes, chocolate fondue fountain, and scooped ice cream for those who prefer cooked options.

Buffet prices and quality are reasonable, while service is friendly and efficient – plates are cleared quickly, beverages refilled promptly, etc. They recommend calling ahead or making reservations online as otherwise, you may end up waiting in their “walk-in” line while those who already made a reservation arrive and get seated first.

At $50 for two persons, their lunch buffet offers tremendous value while weekday dinner starts at $70 per head with more specialized seafood dishes on their dinner menu than what can be found during lunch service.


Its atmosphere is cozy and nostalgic Japanese in style, offering a wide variety of buffet food including cold appetizers, sushi and sashimi, teppanyaki dishes, deep-fried dishes (agemono) as well as grilled dishes (yakimono). Additionally, there is also dessert and ice cream. Staff members were friendly and helpful, particularly with regard to helping with hotpot section.

This buffet in Singapore is one of the best value buffets, boasting an abundance of seafood such as Ebi, Salmon, Tuna, Jellyfish, Scallops and Marinated Top Shells. Additionally, there is also an impressive array of meat dishes such as garlic Ribeye Steaks, Teriyaki Chickens and Pork Collar with Ginger Sauce that makes the experience truly worth every cent spent!

As The buffet is always packed, making a reservation before going is wise to avoid standing in an endless “walk-in” queue. Call the restaurant directly, visit its website, or use GrabFood – which provides free delivery with promo code “HUNGRYGOWHERE”. Additionally, purchasing vouchers through GrabFood allows you to score yourself free meals!


Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant can be found right in the heart of Orchard Road and serves up a vast array of Japanese delicacies – sashimi, Sri Lankan blue swimmer crabs, ribeye steak and grilled salmon belly are just a few among many! They even provide an impressive array of desserts to go along with your meal!

This buffet is definitely decent but is somewhat overpriced given the quality of food they provide. While their selection and service are admirable, especially at dinner time when reservations have priority over walk-in queues and can get seated ahead of you.

At lunch time, the buffet is both reasonably priced and offers quality cuisine – making it a solid option for anyone in Singapore looking for an inexpensive buffet experience. Note that due to its large capacity it may be necessary to book reservations early.

Kiseki Restaurant features a kid-friendly dining area complete with comfort designed utensils and highchair. Perfect for families dining together. Staff is quick at clearing plates. Overall, Kiseki provides an enjoyable buffet experience without charging food waste fees like other establishments may do. I highly recommend visiting this establishment!

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