kiseki japanese buffet restaurant review

Kiseki offers a Mega Japanese Buffet at Mini Prices. Their 29 categories and over 200 buffet items make them the ideal place for family dining out at an affordable price point, not forgetting their delectable desserts and ice cream selection! Their sashimi is always fresh while their cooked dishes also stand up.

This restaurant is an outstanding value; their food is delicious and staff is welcoming, plus it can get quite busy on weekday lunch hours; therefore it’s wise to call ahead to make a reservation.

Value for money

This Japanese restaurant provides exceptional value for money during the weekday lunch rush, particularly with their fresh sushi and sashimi, delicious cooked meals and attentive service. However, weekend crowds can become overwhelming so make reservations beforehand to ensure a spot.

Kiseki offers 29 categories and more than 200 dishes at their buffet, including seafood, sashimi, teriyaki and pizza dishes, along with one of Singapore’s few giant fried chicken options – making this restaurant perfect for large groups as well as families!

Kaiseki Ryori is an exquisite multi-course Japanese dining experience, often at an expensive cost. Many top restaurants in Kyoto provide this dining experience; here are some of the finest examples:

Himawari is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi, sashimi and teppanyaki cuisines as well as their signature salmon cake which you may have seen all over social media. Their fresh sashimi is deliciously fresh while their salmon cakes make for a fantastic appetizer or side. Perfect for buffet-goers looking for quality sashimi! Their omakase options are very reasonable with exceptional customer service and superb cuisine to match. Enjoy it for lunch with family for an enjoyable atmosphere – they won’t let them down!

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Variety of food

Kiseki Japanese Buffet can be found on the 8th floor of Orchard Central and offers 29 categories with over 200 buffet items for affordable dining. Choose from seafood, sashimi, cooked food or indulge in desserts and ice cream from its impressive dessert and ice cream selection – each replenished quickly for fast service – perfect for family meals or romantic date nights alike.

Kiseki offers one of the finest sushi and sashimi counters in town, serving delicious salmon, tuna, yellowtail sashimi. Plus they serve delicious hand rolls, maki rolls, deep-fried foods as well. Their buffet is open both lunch and dinner – reservations are recommended to ensure quality service!

When making reservations for 4 or more, it is advisable to call ahead and reserve your table, otherwise you might end up waiting in an extended walk-in line. Furthermore, the restaurant tends to get very busy quickly so make your reservation early to avoid disappointment when arriving!

Food at this Japanese buffet was not up to par. Their fish katsu and Japanese curry tasted prepackaged; while their teriyaki chicken was oversalty and dry; desserts were too sweet.


Kiseki has long been recognized as an affordable Japanese buffet option. Their 29 categories and over 200 items cover sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, robatayaki, agemono (deep fried), nabemono (hot pot) and Japanese Western dishes such as pasta and pizza; plus there’s even their signature dessert selection made entirely in-house!

Staff here is knowledgeable and friendly, which adds an enjoyable element to the dining experience. Food here is fresh and delectable with plenty of variety – particularly impressive is their succulent teppanyaki beef or mouthwatering sashimi; also delicious is their tofu cheesecake dessert option!

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Note that reservations should always be made before visiting any restaurant; otherwise, a long walk-in line could form. This is especially applicable during weekday lunch hours.

Overall, my experience here was fantastic for a casual dinner with friends. I highly recommend it for those who appreciate sashimi, teppanyaki and sushi as it offers a nostalgic Japanese atmosphere that makes you feel at ease while the prices remain very reasonable compared to quality cuisine served. Overall, this place provides excellent dining at an affordable price point; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!


Kiseki is a Japanese buffet restaurant offering an assortment of traditional cuisine, featuring an expansive sashimi bar, cooked food section, dessert and ice cream selection as well as beverages and pasta selection. Perfect for families with young children as its vast menu provides something to satisfy everyone.

The menu offers sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, yakitori, nabemono and agemono dishes for reasonable prices starting from $20 nett for adults at weekday lunch. Reservations should be made early to avoid lengthy lines; food is kept fresh by topping up on fresh sashimi daily.

There’s also plenty to choose from on their menu, including delectable sukiyaki – an incredible combination of beef slices, mushrooms, and vegetables in a sweet broth – as well as various rice and noodle options and seafood such as clams and oysters.

Service at Kiseki is friendly and efficient, yet food quality can sometimes disappoint. Chawamushi may come cold; grilled dishes may be over-seasoned; desserts don’t match up to Japanese restaurant standards; nonetheless it remains worth visiting this location despite any of these flaws.