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How to Get 10 Reviews For Your Restaurant on TripAdvisor

New York is known for having some of the finest restaurants around, from fine Italian dining to Mexican street tacos – there is something here for every palate and preference.

Restaurant review sites and apps have become an indispensable resource for diners looking for the ideal places to dine, while managers can utilize these reviews to identify problems and enhance customer experiences.


Foursquare is a location-based mobile app that enables users to share their whereabouts with friends and the general public. Launched as a social network that gamified mobile check-ins and recommendations in 2009, Foursquare later merged with Factual data location company in 2020 to offer location APIs and software development kits for major corporations.

Business profiles allow companies to present their products and services to a broader audience, including photos, videos and customer reviews. Businesses can encourage reviews in order to improve their online reputation and SEO performance while customers leave tips highlighting their favorite aspects of a company’s business.

Foursquare originally provided users with an easy way to share their location with friends and the general public, as well as offering rewards for frequent check-ins and promoting venues to new customers. Many bars and restaurants used Foursquare to offer specials like 2-for-1 drink specials or discounts on food.

The company allows users to add photos or notes for every checkin – these tips appear first on your check-ins! Users can add multiple checkins at one venue; also create lists such as “to-do” or “favorites.” Each checkin can include up to four photos and notes.


Yelp is a user-driven recommendation site that enables its members to share their experiences with restaurants and businesses. As the first stop for anyone seeking reviews prior to selecting a restaurant or store, Yelp provides invaluable feedback from customers looking for reviews of local establishments or venting about poor service experiences or bad encounters.

Yelp provides many tools to assist business owners in managing their reputation, yet has some serious limitations that make managing it challenging. For instance, its search results only display positive reviews while negative ones cannot be hidden or deleted easily; furthermore it makes deleting reviews difficult or impossible altogether – both issues which make maintaining high ratings on Yelp challenging for businesses.

As it’s crucial that businesses know how to respond to negative reviews on Yelp, staying calm and professional are essential when responding to negative comments on the platform. Do your research on whether the reviewer has an argument against your business; once this decision has been made you can decide between sending private message or public response.

If you’re concerned about receiving negative reviews, the best course of action may be reaching out directly and offering an olive branch to show that you care for and welcome collaboration from customers. Doing this may encourage other Yelpers to leave positive reviews of your business and create more opportunity for growth.


TripAdvisor, as the world’s leading user-generated travel review site, wields tremendous influence over hospitality businesses. According to estimates, one negative review can dissuade 28% of potential customers from visiting your restaurant – yet there are ways you can combat their effect on TripAdvisor reputation – one is through MARA tool which helps monitor and respond instantly to TripAdvisor reviews; another method would be using Review Express which sends emails requesting guest feedback post stay to increase ratings by 28%!

TripAdvisor’s algorithm measures reviews based on factors including number, recency and quality. Other influences may include how often visitors come to the listing as well as photos they leave behind – however it’s important to keep in mind that even one-star ratings can be just as damaging as five-star ones.

To increase your company’s positive reputation on TripAdvisor, it is advisable to respond to every review posted about it. Be sure to write responses in an attentive and helpful tone. It is also worth remembering that TripAdvisor has a system in place for detecting reviews which appear suspicious or are incentivized, with those engaging in such behavior receiving warnings from TripAdvisor that could result in their Popularity Ranking decreasing significantly.

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