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New York City restaurants offer something for every palette and budget. To help diners narrow down their options, restaurant review sites and apps have become invaluable tools in attracting new customers.

But while bad reviews can sometimes happen to restaurants, there are ways they can turn negative ones around.

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As soon as a reviewer voices concerns with your food, drinks or staff, respond. Responding shows you are listening and want to provide the best dining experience possible. Address it politely while outlining steps being taken to prevent it happening again. If there was more of an issue than expected, offer discounts or gift cards so your restaurant has another chance at turning their opinion around – responding also increases search engine ranking pages!


Dessert offerings at many restaurants have undergone significant change recently, from refreshing classic recipes to exploring exotic fruits like mango and coconut for delicious new dessert options. Clients love these indulgences for their natural sweetness, delicate flavors and diverse textures – ideal as pre or post dinner snacks, post work happy hour snacks or after hours private party treats!

Grubhub 2022 Delivered report shows that the top desserts include tiramisu, baklava, cookies and cheesecake as the most beloved treats in America. Many of these desserts originate in other countries but have become iconic here – like Italian tiramisu or Hong Kong’s dan tats.

Fast-food restaurants have perfected the art of offering quick and inexpensive sweets that make an ideal indulgence or complete meal, complete with drinks. Indulging in an Oreo Blizzard or Frosty is often combined with other dishes like sandwiches, burgers, fries or chicken nuggets for maximum enjoyment!

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If you want to improve the customer service at your restaurant, incentivizing customers to submit reviews may help increase satisfaction levels. Just be careful not to offer anything which violates the terms of service of review sites and that your staff members know how to respond quickly when reviewing online comments.