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Hillman Restaurant Review

Hillman Restaurant is a great spot to dine with family and friends. Their delicious cuisine and attentive staff create an enjoyable dining experience.

At this restaurant, they’re best known for their Paper Wrapped Chicken dish which was succulent and full of flavour. I also enjoyed their Pot Sea Cucumber with Seafood which featured springy sea cucumber slices complemented with an irresistibly creamy gravy – both options were delightful!


Hillman Restaurant specializes in claypot dishes and was established by Mr Wong Ling Onn as a migrant worker. Now run by his descendants, this award-winning establishment won multiple accolades, such as winning gold for their paper-wrapped chicken in the first Asian Salon Culinaire (an equivalent of today’s World Gourmet Challenge). Their food will surely impress friends and family!

Restaurant offering both a la carte and set menus with both seafood and meat dishes including oysters, clams and crabmeat available as options on its menu. Also offered is a wide range of wines and other beverages as well as fast and efficient service with fresh, flavorful food that’s delivered both for lunch and dinner service.

This restaurant stands out with its unique decor and design. With stylish interior and creative dishes that appeal to locals and tourists alike, its stylish decor makes it a favorite spot. Additionally, the staff are very welcoming and friendly making this an excellent spot to celebrate special occasions with friends or family members alike – prices are very affordable while the atmosphere is pleasant; their knowledgeable staff can assist with selecting an appropriate dish from their extensive menu.

Value for money

Hillman Restaurant is an exquisite Chinese dining spot that provides delicious and inventive cuisine in an inviting yet modern and stylish setting. Serving set menus as well as a la carte selections, Hillman is also an ideal venue for hosting company functions or family meals.

Food quality and prices are both superb; service is friendly; there’s also an impressive wine and spirits selection; plus there’s a warm and welcoming environment, ideal for relaxing and unwinding with friends.

Kitchener Road’s unassuming restaurant, Wong Lin Ooh’s is a hidden gem within Farrer Park’s busy environment. Established by migrant worker Mr Wong Lin Ooh in 1963 and specialising in Cantonese claypot cuisine. They won several awards, such as at the inaugural Asian Salon Culinaire (equivalent of today’s World Gourmet Challenge) where their Paper Wrapped Chicken earned gold medal honors. Don’t miss their 8 Treasure Duck either; featuring whole duck marinated with spices then filled with mushrooms, chestnuts, lotus seeds and glutinous rice.


Hillman Beer is a casual brewery and restaurant located in Biltmore Village that provides delicious food. Pet-friendly seating can be found outside, and customers can begin their meal with a cold draft beer before choosing from an assortment of sandwiches or burgers such as Reuben with sauerkraut, special sauce, Swiss cheese and your choice of corned beef, smoked turkey or tempeh on rye bread; Falafel Salad/Patty Melt features pickled beets, greens and pecan pesto mayo on whole Wheat Honey Oat Bread.

Mr Wong Lin Ooh created this restaurant as an oasis for locals and tourists alike, specialising in claypot cuisine that was learned in his Shun Tak (Guangdong Province) home town of Shun Tak. Signature dishes at Wong Lin Ooh’s include Paper Wrapped Chicken; other specialities include Claypot Beef; Claypot Liver and Bean Curd with Crabmeat – not forgetting Paper Wrapped Bacon that comes rolled up inside its shell!

Restaurant offers set menus suitable for group dining and celebrations, and features friendly and accommodating staff who ensure an enjoyable dining experience. Overall, its relaxing environment makes this restaurant perfect for anyone searching for a memorable meal experience.


Hillman Restaurant is an esteemed Cantonese eatery known for serving tasty Cantonese cuisine in an atmospheric ambience, ideal for family get-togethers and corporate functions alike. They’re particularly famous for their Paper Wrapped Chicken which is succulent and flavorful; also featured is their claypot dishes like Eight Treasures Duck with lotus seeds, spring onions, chestnuts and glutinous rice braised together in it!

Hillman Restaurant was first opened by Wong Ling Onn and Madam Chan Ah Chee from ShunTak (Guangdong Province) migrant workers in 1963 along Cantonment Road. Since then, its popularity has skyrocketed; now with locations in Singapore, China, Osaka as well as Queen Elizabeth II who visited Hillman to try local favorites such as chilli crab and the famous Hillman paper wrapped chicken!

Hillman Restaurant at 99 Pasir Panjang Road in Singapore is an unmissable treat that should not be missed. Renowned for their mouthwatering Chinese dishes – particularly Claypot dishes and paper-wrapped chicken – as well as specialty items like Pot Sea Cucumber with Seafood featuring springy slices of sea cucumber mixed with greens and seafood; another must try is their Bean Curd with Crabmeat which offers both flavour and creamy textures!

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