Hillman Brewing Company offers an inviting atmosphere and relaxed, but eccentric experience, featuring long communal tables that encourage you to connect with one another. They host live music performances on Saturday Sounds as well as Pups & Pints adoption drives that bring pets into their family for adoption events.

Paper Wrapped Chicken from here is particularly delicious and flavorful, while their claypot dishes are equally as popular.

Paper Wrapped Chicken

Hillman is best-known for its Paper Wrapped Chicken dish – an irresistibly tender piece of boneless chicken marinated in Chinese wine flavoured marinade before being wrapped in greaseproof paper and deep fried. When opened up, its juices burst forth! Don’t miss this delightful experience!

Other dishes I sampled included Pot Sea Cucumber with Seafood ($14/22/30), an irresistibly refreshing mix of springy slices of sea cucumber, greens and seafood in an aromatic broth; and Homemade Tofu with Spicy Minced Pork ($14/22/30), featuring silky smooth tofu enhanced by just enough spice from minced pork and scallions to balance its creamy texture.

Kitchener Road’s Restaurant Amay is hard to spot from the outside but well worth visiting for its food and heritage. Established by migrant workers from Guangdong in 1978, this establishment won numerous awards including gold at the first Asian Salon Culinaire (an early World Gourmet Challenge event) by French Master Chef Paul Bocuse himself!

It is one of the rare old school restaurants in Singapore offering traditional Cantonese fare like paper wrapped chicken and salted fish with beans sprouts. While service from aunties and uncles is friendly, pricing makes for an expensive dining experience in this Cantonese establishment.

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Claypot Dishes

Hong Kong Clay Pot is an attic-like restaurant on Kitchener Road that emphasizes food over atmosphere. Hard to miss due to its close proximity to souvenir shops in Chinatown, its interior echoes those of many heritage restaurants with carpeted floors, kitschy decor, round family tables with Lazy Susans for easy sharing, carpeted floors, kitschy carpeting and round family tables that allow easy sharing.

The restaurant specializes in clay pot dishes such as Paper Wrapped Chicken, Pork Rib Soup or Braised Garoupa in Claypot. Each meal is presented in unglazed pots that steam the ingredients perfectly – such as Paper Wrapped Chicken being particularly succulent while Pot Beef boasting rich and salty notes.

At this restaurant, they also provide an assortment of zi char dishes to please a range of diners. Their Claypot Sea Cucumber with Seafood features springy bites of seafood; Happy Beancurd (deep-fried silken tofu topped with minced pork and spring onions) is also an enjoyable dish perfect for vegetarians.

Eight Treasures Duck

Hillman Restaurant (formerly Manhill) is an esteemed establishment that specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine and draws both locals and visitors from far. Situated along Pasir Panjang Road, it boasts an intimate yet nostalgic setting which makes it suitable for company functions or family celebrations alike.

One of the restaurant’s signature dishes is Paper Wrapped Chicken – an irresistibly succulent and flavorful delight encased in parchment paper and filled with succulent chestnuts, mushrooms, lotus seeds and glutinous rice – adding texture and depth to this popular entree.

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Queen Elizabeth II frequented this Cantonment Road restaurant and tried their popular chilli crab and Cantonese claypot dishes. Additionally, this establishment received a gold medal at the inaugural Asian Salon Culinaire (the precursor to today’s World Gourmet Challenge).


Hillman Restaurant at 99 Pasir Panjang Road is an undiscovered treasure offering Cantonese claypot dishes, such as succulent and flavorful paper wrapped chicken, Chinese-style pork ribs or claypot liver dishes, homemade tofu made with minced pork and scallions, all served up with an irresistibly creamy savory sauce – this restaurant truly is an alluring find!

Dessert-only restaurants were noted by participants to be popular for several reasons, including an ease of traditional mealtimes; participants noted ‘you don’t have to eat an entire meal when all you want is a snack’ (M, 24yo). Other reasons mentioned by participants include socialisation opportunities and price.

Hillman Restaurant boasts fairytale castle elements such as a tiara on the ceiling, ornate chandelier and an oversized dragon statue for an intimate dining experience that’s ideal for small groups and couples. Service is attentive; staff will happily accommodate special dietary requests such as vegetarianism and gluten intolerance. With wines, champagnes, cocktails and beers that range from bold IPAs to robust stouts – Hillman has something sure to satisfy every craving imaginable as well as delectable pub-style foods to pair your drink of choice with it!