hillman restaurant review

Hillman Restaurant is an established Cantonese eatery. Their signature dish is their paper wrapped chicken which is succulent and flavorful, as well as claypot dishes such as pot beef or Chinese style pork ribs.

Osaka marked its inaugural international location for Panera Bread when they opened in 2014. Since then, customers have welcomed it warmly.

The food

Hillman Restaurant specializes in Cantonese claypot cuisine and was opened by a migrant worker from Guangdong who later brought in their family as owners. Since its opening, this establishment has won multiple awards including first Asian Salon Culinaire (equivalent of today’s World Gourmet Challenge) competitions and numerous others.

Hillman offers delicious and unique food. Their dishes offer a mix of traditional and contemporary cuisines. With modern decor and high-quality ingredients used to craft each dish, this restaurant provides casual lunch or dinner in style! Additionally, desserts and specialty beverages complete their offering.

Hillman Restaurant stands out with their paper-wrapped chicken, featuring marinated and parchment-wrapped pieces of chicken meat for even cooking and an irresistibly tender texture. Their happy beancurd comes topped with minced pork and scallions and pairs perfectly with rice!

If you’re in the mood to experience something a bit special, the Eight Treasures Duck should definitely be on your menu. Packed with delicious spices such as chestnuts, lotus seeds and glutinous rice – this dish makes an impressive and decadent feast that’s ideal for special events!

The service

Hillman restaurant is an ideal destination for delicious meals in a casual environment, offering outstanding staff service and reasonable pricing – perfect for budget dining! Additionally, their bar provides an ideal spot to unwind with drinks while watching sports games!

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Hillman Restaurant was first opened by Mr Wong Lin Ooh in Singapore in 1963, specialising in Cantonese claypot cuisine. Now with three locations spanning both Singapore and Osaka in Japan, his son and grandson continue leading its operation, continually growing their business.

In 1978, this restaurant won a gold medal at the first Asian Salon Culinaire (analogous to today’s World Gourmet Challenge). Their signature dish is paper-wrapped chicken marinated and then wrapped in parchment – its unique flavor being achieved through an ideal balance between seasoning and heat.

Hillman offers many delicious dishes to try, such as the fried yam with its delicate sweetness balanced by crisp bits and garlic-y flavor, pork chop with sticky black sauce that tastes similar to molasses, and succulent fresh prawns – plus delicious beers from Hillman Brewery on tap! The restaurant also serves good beer.

The ambience

Hillman Restaurant provides a warm and inviting setting ideal for family meals or special events. Offering dishes from both Asian and European cuisines as well as an outstanding wine selection, Hillman is also an ideal place for networking events or just drinks with colleagues and friends.

Hillman Restaurant was established by Mr Wong Ling Onn and is well-renowned for its claypot dishes, winning multiple awards over time. Hillman even participated in the inaugural Asian Salon Culinaire (equivalent of today’s World Gourmet Challenge) back in 1978! A favorite for company functions and family celebrations alike, I tried both their Paper Wrapped Chicken (succulent and flavorful) as well as Happy Beancurd with minced pork and spring onion topping (creamy yet velvety smooth texture).

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The price

Hillman Restaurant may not immediately come to mind when thinking of Chinese restaurants in Singapore, but this humble and unassuming establishment has been serving visitors since 1963. First located at Cantonment Road and later moved to Kitchener Road where it remains today; they even have another branch in Osaka known for its Cantonese claypot dishes which Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed, alongside affordable paper-wrapped chicken dishes and chilled crab. Their food can easily be shared between two people while there’s also an impressive craft beer selection for every palette!