hillman restaurant review

Hillman restaurant review offers an unforgettable dining experience, offering delicious and innovative dishes in its stylish modern interior, along with friendly service staff.

Restaurant specialising in claypot dishes, particularly their famous Paper Wrapped Chicken which is both succulent and flavorful; perfect for sharing. Also noteworthy is their Eight Treasures Duck filled with chestnuts, mushrooms, lotus seeds and glutinous rice – an irresistibly delicious meal to share.

Paper Wrapped Chicken

Paper Wrapped Chicken (commonly referred to as Chee Pow Kai) is a popular Asian cuisine dish consisting of marinated chicken slices drenched in light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil and ginger before being wrapped with rice or wax paper and deep-fried. The high temperatures used during frying steam the meat from within while sealing in all of its flavours from marinating process into its final state – producing tender pieces bursting with aroma and taste!

Original Recipe – To prepare, the meat must first be sliced before being marinated with light soy sauce, oyster sauce, minced ginger, Chinese cooking wine and pepper powder before wrapping in paper and deep frying for several minutes before being served on a plate with green grape salsa or other desired sauces.

Seri Kembangan restaurant that still offers old school dishes such as paper-wrapped chicken and salted fish with beans sprouts as well as sweet corn crab meat soup is relatively rare these days, yet this restaurant stands out by serving these classic meals quickly and courteously with smiley aunties and uncles promptly bringing food out and providing service with smiley faces.

Making paper-wrapped chicken perfect means ensuring all ingredients are mixed well together before wrapping it in rice paper squares. Each slice of chicken must then be carefully placed at the center and sealed tightly, as any air leakage during frying could spoil its quality.

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Eight Treasures Duck

Hillman may not be top of mind when people talk about Cantonese restaurants, but their menu boasts some tasty and unique offerings. Their paper wrapped chicken should definitely be on your must-try list: its marinated chicken is then steamed inside parchment paper which seals in moisture to prevent overcooking while sealing in flavor and tenderness. Served alongside homemade XO sauce and vinegary vegetables – making for an satisfying and complete meal experience!

At this restaurant, a wide variety of claypot dishes is offered, such as the Eight Treasure Duck delicacy. This delectable is typically enjoyed during Chinese New Year and other special events and contains fresh lotus seeds, lup cheong (fermented bamboo shoot), preserved duck egg yolk and minced cured ham – some of the ingredients being fresh lotus seeds, lup cheong (fermented bamboo shoot) preserved duck egg yolk and minced cured ham.

This dish is not only tasty, but it is also very filling and satisfying – make sure to give Eight Treasure Duck a try if you are searching for something delicious that is also nutritious!

This delicious dish is created using eight distinct ingredients that are combined and cooked together, some fresh while some dried. This makes for an extremely nutritious meal suitable for any special occasion and easy enough for anyone to prepare in just minutes!

Happy Beancurd

Hillman Restaurant provides international cuisines from every continent. Its distinctive atmosphere makes it a favorite destination among both locals and tourists. It features modern decor, delicious and innovative dishes, friendly service staff and innovative menu items for lunch and dinner service.

Paper-Wrapped Chicken ($16 for small) and Claypot Beancurd ($15 for small) are two must-try dishes smothered in delectable meat juices and fragrant aromas. You’ll love their silky smooth claypot Beancurd topped with minced pork and scallions – with its delectably savoury gravy that pairs perfectly with rice!

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Pot Sea Cucumber with Seafood ($14/22/30) is another amazing dish from this restaurant, featuring springy slices of sea cucumber accompanied by greens and seafood in a sweet-savoury gravy that pairs beautifully with rice.

The Hillman Restaurant in Farrer Park is an incredible gem with beautiful dining environment and tasty Chinese cuisine, and should not be missed by any fans of Chinese cuisine. Established by Mr Wong Ling Onn as a migrant worker from Guangdong China in 1963, now run by his children and grandchildren as a family-owned business.

Claypot Dishes

At this attic-like restaurant located above Chinatown souvenir shops, you’ll find delicious clay pot dishes. Intimate and cozy with carpeted floors and kitschy decor. Round family tables provide comfortable seating. In addition to its signature dishes like the clay pot ones, other offerings include paper wrapped chicken and beansprouts with salted fish.

Heun Kee is a must-visit for those in search of a deliciously satisfying meal in Kuala Lumpur. Specializing in clay pot zhi char dishes from Singapore’s Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Stall – which was named one of 17 Michelin-Bib Gourmand Hawker Stalls by Michelin in 2015 – Heun Kee’s current location offers many of these classic recipes.

Cantonese cuisine is also well-known for its signature dish: steamed pork liver with other seafood served drenched in black bean sauce and spicy garlic paste – offering an intriguing new take on one of its mainstay dishes.

A small menu featuring lap cheong (cured pork sausage) shines with shimmering slices that shimmer into steaming rice, coating every grain in its sweet savory sweetness. For those with sweet tooths there are seven other topping options including creamy fillets of glazed eel and velvety strips of beef to satisfy it all.