hillman restaurant review

Hillman Restaurant is a beloved dining destination among both locals and tourists, known for its modern yet stylish decor, delectable meals, and delightful ambience.

Restaurant is well known for their delicious Paper Wrapped Chicken. Additionally, they serve mouthwatering claypot dishes like Pot Sea Cucumber with Seafood and Crabmeat Beancurd.

Paper Wrapped Chicken

Hillman restaurant has long been a favourite of Singaporeans for their Paper Wrapped Chicken dish, an unconventional preparation consisting of thin slices of chicken sandwiched between flavorful ingredients and wrapped tightly with paper for deep-frying. This process steams and cooks the chicken to create exceptionally juicy and tender meat that makes for an amazing appetizer! Unfortunately, its preparation can be messy due to oil seepage. Still delicious though!

The restaurant employs Sha Zhi paper, similar to parchment but slightly thicker and without gritty fibers. It is commonly used when salt baking yue xiang (salt baked chicken). By tightly sealing up each chicken piece with this special type of paper, tender and succulent chicken meat results. In addition, its absorbency also prevents hot oil escaping and creating an overly oily dish.

They offer a selection of delicious dishes and are open for lunch and dinner service, featuring friendly and fast staff and modern interior with relaxing atmosphere. Their unique dishes make them popular with both locals and tourists.

This family-owned restaurant has been operating in Singapore for decades. First established on Cantonment Road and later relocated to Kitchener Road, the business even received the royal seal of approval from Queen Elizabeth II herself; their photo framed display still proudly bears evidence of her visitation.

Claypot Beancurd

The Hillman restaurant provides an unforgettable dining experience in Singapore’s heart. Offering delicious cuisine with an innovative touch, this eatery has quickly become a favorite of both locals and visitors. Its modern decor and delectable dishes make this restaurant perfect for romantic dates or casual lunch gatherings with friends.

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This restaurant offers an impressive array of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, as well as desserts and specialty drinks prepared with only premium-grade ingredients, served up with friendly service by knowledgeable staff members. Perfect for families and groups of people alike. This establishment also provides various noodle dishes and rice dishes – as well as stewed mushrooms and chicken feet soup, salt vegetables, pork rib soup and apple soup as part of its repertoire!

There are also traditional Cantonese dishes such as paper wrapped chicken and claypot liver available, which make this a delicious and budget-friendly dining option for families. Although the restaurant may only accommodate limited seating capacity, it’s certainly worth paying them a visit!

Hillman Restaurant is an unassuming treasure located in Farrer Park. Although its simple exterior may not draw your attention at first, this cozy Cantonese eatery serves delicious homey Cantonese fare – including their legendary Paper Wrapped Chicken! Additionally, other popular choices include pot sea cucumber with seafood and the Happy Beancurd which comes topped with minced pork and spring onions – must-try dishes for anyone who appreciates Chinese cuisine!

Eight Treasures Duck

The Hillman Restaurant is an unassuming spot along Kitchener Road that has been open since the early 80s. Renowned for their delectable Paper Wrapped Chicken and Eight Treasures Duck dishes, as well as being reasonably priced – even Queen Elizabeth has visited this hidden gem!

The Eight Treasures Duck (Ba Bao Ya) is an exquisite classic Chinese dish often enjoyed at special events like New Year and weddings. Made of whole duck marinated with various spices before stuffing with eight treasures such as mushrooms, chestnuts, lotus seeds, glutinous rice and lap cheong; then braised until golden brown to ensure delicious textures and flavour combinations! A popular crowd pleaser.

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To prepare an Eight Treasures Duck, start by marinating it with 1 teaspoon each of dark soy sauce, 5-spice powder and salt before searng in a wok. Once brown, add water and steam the duck for about two hours until all parts have become brown – be sure to boil enough to ensure adequate steaming of this tasty treat! Once finished, avoid overfilling as the filling may expand during steaming process, potentially breaking open its seam.

Once your duck is cooked, drain any excess oil and discard its skin before tossing all remaining ingredients with its drippings, heating until combined and adding one tablespoon of sugar until fragrant – transfer this mix to a bowl before covering with glutinous rice!

Crabmeat Beancurd

Egg Beancurd with Crab Meat is a healthy and hearty one-dish meal option made up of egg tofu, crab meat and its accompanying savoury sauce – an ideal combination. Perfect for those on a diet! This dish’s main components make this an irresistibly tasty experience!

Start this recipe by preparing egg tofu in its traditional cylindrical form and cutting into 1.5 cm/half-inch discs. Cook over low heat with oil for approximately ten minutes before stirring in your choice of either canned or frozen crab meat – however I would highly suggest opting for frozen since it has less fat and offers superior texture.

As part of this recipe, it is also crucial that a high-quality crab stock be used. You can either purchase this from a large Chinese restaurant or make your own by boiling chicken bones, ham, and other ingredients together in water until dissolved.

Hillman 99 is an award-winning dining spot known for serving traditional and innovative cuisine. The charming atmosphere and creative dishes such as Paper Wrapped Chicken and Claypot Beancurd make this an excellent place to unwind with friends or family. Make sure you try each and every dish available – they won’t disappoint.