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Hillman Restaurant Review

Hillman Restaurant is an undiscovered gem located along Kitchener Road in Farrer Park. Specializing in Cantonese claypot dishes, its signature dish is its Paper Wrapped Chicken that is succulent and flavorful.

Mr Wong Ling Onn, a migrant worker from Guangdong Province of China, started this family business which has expanded over time with two locations in Singapore and one in Osaka.

It’s a hidden gem

Hillman Restaurant has been an under-appreciated gem since 1963. Established by Wong Lin Ooh, this Cantonese claypot restaurant specializes in Paper Wrapped Chicken; an aromatic meal marinated and then cooked using parchment paper that guarantees succulent flavourful results that are sure to please every palate.

Other must-try dishes include the Eight Treasures Duck, which features a whole duck marinated with an assortment of spices before being filled with chestnuts, lotus seeds, and glutinous rice – perfect for special events and family celebrations alike! It is often served on Chinese New Year or other festive celebrations.

Big Prawns with Special Black Sauce is another popular dish at Hillman Restaurant, featuring large plates of jumbo prawns smothered in rich, salty sauce. Additionally, Hillman also serves pork ribs and other Cantonese classics at reasonable prices with professional service that ranks 4.7 on Google’s Grading System and makes getting to Hillman a snap by any mode of transportation – making this restaurant an excellent option for families or groups visiting Biltmore Village.

It’s a must-try

Hillman is an authentic Chinese restaurant that specializes in claypot dishes. Their paper-wrapped chicken dish is renowned for being messy yet delectable with fat drippings and delicious juices oozing out from every slice. Other popular choices include the Eight Treasures Duck: an award-winning roast duck filled with mushrooms, chestnuts, lotus seeds and glutinous rice that is ideal for celebrations like Chinese New Year or special events.

Established by Mr Wong Lin Ooh in 1963 and still run as a family-owned restaurant today, it has won multiple awards and accolades including winning the inaugural Asian Salon Culinaire competition (similar to today’s World Gourmet Challenge) back in 1978. A must-visit for foodies who adore Chinese claypot dishes!

Another must-try dish is Happy Beancurd ($14/22/30), topped with minced pork and spring onions, homemade tofu with silky textures complements perfectly the rich and aromatic sauce, perfect for cold afternoons paired with rice dishes.

This popular local spot features a great atmosphere and superior service, making it a favorite among guests. Here they can enjoy tasty draft beer, pale ale and craft beer in an inviting cosy environment; plus its affordable pricing makes this an excellent budget pick.

It’s a family-friendly restaurant

Hillman City offers a diverse array of restaurants that provide diners with various cuisines and dining experiences, from traditional American fare to upscale dining experiences. Plus, many locally and family-owned businesses give diners an insight into Hillman’s community life – not to mention that top dining spots here are extremely affordable!

Hillman Restaurant is well-known for their specialty paper-wrapped chicken dish. Marinated and wrapped in parchment paper to lock in flavors and juices for an irresistibly flavorful dish – you will return again and again for this delectable and aromatic meal!

Another must-try is Eight Treasures Duck, a popular dish served during Chinese New Year and other special events. Packed with mushrooms, chestnuts, and lotus seeds before braising until golden brown in color.

The Flour Box in Hillman city is an absolute delight for sweet-lovers. Formerly a pop-up shop turned permanent bakery, The Flour Box now serves a selection of delicious brioche donuts like vanilla bean creme brulee custard glazed with torched sugar as well as chive cream cheese-filled ones filled with everything spice – pair those delicious delectable treats with Anchorhead coffee and you’re in paradise.

It’s affordable

Hillman Beer is an ideal bar, serving delicious falafel salads and patty melts as well as draft beer and ginger beer at reasonable prices. Their staff is professional and friendly, and prices are fair; located conveniently in Biltmore Village for easy relaxation after a long walk.

Wong Lin Ooh was inspired to open this restaurant by claypot dishes; one such favorite being Paper-Wrapped Chicken with its juicy meat and crisp skin, Happy Beancurd topped with minced pork and Pot Sea Cucumber with Seafood were among his creations.

At this nationally acclaimed restaurant, Aaron Verzosa and Amber Manuguid combine ingenuity and storytelling abilities into intimate tasting-menu experiences that showcase their culinary ingenuity and storytelling abilities. Innovative takes on Filipino classics like pandesal and sinigang are interlaced with stories about immigration to the Pacific Northwest for a truly immersive history lesson with each bite taken.

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