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NYC offers no shortage of restaurants that entice diners to make reservations immediately for their next meal – from Southern-influenced spots with multiple TVs, to sports bars serving bucket list foods.

Taqueria Ramirez

Taqueria Ramirez deserves our undivided appreciation: this casual Greenpoint spot named for a city in Mexico serves cactus tacos and sells Mexican Coke; our six-item menu often drops down to four items by 9:30pm due to long waits for their tasty tacos!

Suadero tacos at Ramirez are among their most beloved dishes, crafted from cow’s udder muscle. While this may sound daunting at first, these master chefs simmer them slowly in lard and warm spices until it transforms into velvet-like morsels that you can fold into griddled corn tortillas for an enjoyable eating experience.

Visitors to Mexico City’s Tacos World can also indulge in delicious guacamole and salsas made fresh daily, along with two kinds of sauce (one orange-flavoured and spicy; the other more mild). Plus, visitors can order authentic Mexican flavours such as Horchata or Jamaica.

Though many may dismiss a meal of burger and fries as less-than-inspiring, it can actually make for the perfect way to wind down an evening at this restaurant. Their food is delicious and their service outstanding; not to mention a pleasant atmosphere and welcoming staff members who offer warm hospitality.


Tong offers an expansive menu that features authentic Thai cuisine. Its pleasant atmosphere makes it the ideal location for romantic dinners or small group outings, as the staff are always eager to assist and the food delicious! They also have a good selection of teas and fresh juices – the banana fritters and crab rice dishes should not be missed, although their spice levels may not suit all palates; so if that is an issue for you ask them to reduce the heat.

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At this restaurant, an immersive sensory experience awaits diners as their noodles are freshly hand-pulled and skillfully assembled at a bar.

Since their establishment as a food cart in Jackson Heights, Tong has expanded to a permanent space on Hillside Avenue. Offering authentic Bangladeshi street eats such as their signature one bite wonder candles and beef chap platters are still on offer; their menu also features more upscale offerings, such as their take on congee, featuring fish filets in addition to ginger for flavor; as well as curried noodles with chicken and vegetables and pad mhee korat – short rice noodles covered with earthy soybean paste and decorated with shrimp!

Shun Lee

Michael Tong introduced New Yorkers to cuisine from Chinese regions they had never experienced before when he opened Shun Lee Dynasty on Second Avenue and its more upscale sister restaurant Shun Lee Palace in 1971. These restaurants became favorite spots among celebrities, theatergoers, power lunchers, as well as creating an exotic aesthetic through features like their wait staffs wearing bowties or vests with fabric dragons, bow-tied wait staffs tucking napkins into wineglasses in wedding-banquet fashion – creating an exotic atmosphere within city.

But this week, a family dining at Shun Lee on 98th Street discovered their favorite dish – chicken in three different nuts – wasn’t on the menu and were informed it wasn’t affiliated with its original location; when calling other Shun Lee locations (including West 65th Street’s one ), they were informed it had recently changed ownership.

Shun Lee 98th Street is located west of Broadway at West 98th Street and was previously known as Hunan Balcony. However, since reopening as Shun Lee Cafe earlier this month, its menu remains similar to Shun Lee Palace with some key differences; such as offering gluten-free dishes. Furthermore, this location only delivers within its limited delivery area so customers who order from Shun Lee 98th Street can schedule delivery times when placing their orders at checkout.

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Mercado is a tribute to Spain, featuring cuisine from all corners of this gastronomic powerhouse. Crafted with genuine ingredients and real food in mind, Mercado serves as an all-day destination for dining and market goods alike – ideal whether you need quick bite or leisurely meal!

This vast space houses restaurants and markets as well as bars and a churro stand – attracting crowds from across the city. It is relatively new in the food hall realm.

Pasteles’ delicious flan should not be missed; grab a seat on one of the plazas or high tops and indulge in your meals!