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After an initial pop-up on Heddon Street, Fallow (headed up by Will Murray and Jack Croft from Dinner by Heston fame) relocated permanently to St James’s. Promoting nose-to-tail cooking techniques using ingredients carefully selected to complement each other, Fallow provides an all-day dining experience at their location in St James’s.

Expect dishes such as smoked cod head with Sriracha sauce and orange house-made butter, served alongside house-made orange bread for dessert. Also check out their Rhubarb Souffle or Caramelised Whey Chelsea tart.


Fallow has found its home in St James’s after a series of pop-ups across London. Co-head chefs Jack Croft and William Murray, champions of creative cuisine and sustainable thinking, have created an impressive menu which highlights British produce.

Fallow stands out among London’s growing number of eco-conscious restaurants by taking its mission seriously and building on past success at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal alumni events like Dinner by Heston Blumenthal alumni Dinner and has already garnered an outstanding reputation compared to many of its more established counterparts.

Root-to-stem dining is at the core of this restaurant, featuring numerous dishes designed for sharing. There’s even an entire section dedicated to mushroom cultivation – grown in an eco-friendly DIY ‘treehouse’ above the restaurant and used in everything from mushroom parfait to classic Sunday roast.

The dairy cow rib of beef is an impressive dish – aged to enhance flavor and break down tough fibers, it offers something different than your typical rib-eye. Plus, this special treat comes complete with all kinds of gourmet extras such as maple bacon, mustard and gherkin; for an unforgettable dining experience you can even order it on site, baked golden brioche.

Wine list

As is increasingly true of London restaurants, Fallow puts sustainability at the core of its operations. Chefs Will Murray and Jack Croft (former Dinner by Heston Blumenthal chefs) prioritize using lesser-used ingredients in creative dishes for reduced wastefulness – elevating even humble produce into exciting culinary creations!

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Their take on nose to tail eating is particularly impressive: A smoked cod’s head arrives with glassy eyes and mouth gaping, covered with crab, topped with vibrant orange sriracha butter and drizzled with vivid flecks of crab. Even their Carlingford rock oyster is memorable – served with an exquisite mound of pickled lemon and purslane sauce that transforms it from standard fare into something to remember!

The space is cozy and intimate, featuring dark wood tables set for two, wraparound marble-topped bar-styled seating areas and the open kitchen in its center. The atmosphere is welcoming without snobbery or pretentiousness to be found anywhere.

Ben, their knowledgeable sommelier, provides expert guidance and recommendations. Their cocktail menu boasts some impressive offerings too; their Rhubarb and Custard offers an adult take on childhood classic boiled sweets that tastes uncannily similar thanks to an ample dose of No 3 gin!


Fallow Restaurant, nestled within St James’s Market, is an irresistibly intriguing dining option. Offering cutting-edge yet accessible cuisine, Fallow is an intoxicatingly inviting experience – the food innovative yet refined; while its luxurious ambience leaves diners feeling satisfied without being stuffy. Front of house staff members are friendly and helpful; offering both meat- and fish-centric offerings as well as vegetarian choices on its menu.

Will Murray and Jack Croft, graduates of Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner, have established themselves as champions of creative cooking with sustainable thinking. This ethos can be seen throughout their menu which offers everything from nose-to-tail eating and root-to-stem options like crab cakes filled with delicate crab flesh layered on top of sharp pickled lemon and purslane sauce; to delicate Carlingford rock oysters.

If you’re craving something hearty, dairy cow rib of beef should definitely make an appearance at your table. As it reduces waste by utilising all parts of an animal, this unusual cut features aged to add depth of flavour before being served with condiments worthy of top London steakhouses.

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Desserts at Renegade Urban Winery deserve special mention, particularly their caramelised whey Chelsea tart and pump street chocolate mousse – two incredible choices. Also, check out their biodynamic wines or one of their classic cocktails; Renegade is also halal-friendly although it does not serve halal meat directly.


Fallow stands out among London restaurants making sustainable efforts their priority, perhaps because its two head chefs – Will Murray and Jack Croft, formerly from Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – boast impressive credentials; yet this restaurant stands out for more than its impressive pedigree alone.

Fallow restaurant prides itself on creative cooking with sustainable thinking at its heart, and their dishes certainly don’t disappoint. Murray and Croft stay true to their roots – having pioneered nose-to-tail, root-to-stem cooking at Heston they have brought this approach with them to Fallow with great success. Ensure you grab one of seven seats at the chef’s counter – you’ll feel immersed in all that delicious foodie fun.

The space feels luxurious without feeling stuffy, featuring art from various makers carefully curated into one place. The front of house team are friendly and attentive while drinks have been carefully selected to complement the menu.

The menu at Heddon Street Bistrot has been expanded, offering snacks, small and large plates along with sections for raw bar, grill and dairy cow cuts. Regulars from Heddon Street will find that some of their favourites remain available, yet thanks to a modern kitchen, more items than ever can now be tried out – as well as giving regulars from Heddon Street an opportunity to experience something new too!