After its successful Heddon Street pop-up, Fallow has found its home in St James’s. Led by former Dinner by Heston alumni Will Murray and Jack Croft – both alumni of Dinner by Heston themselves – Fallow follows a nose-to-tail philosophy which embraces commonly disregarded ingredients like cod head.

Dessert was equally surprising: our Rhubarb Souffle was an irresistibly refreshing reimagination of a childhood classic with a surprising new flair! Pair your delicious meal with one from their European wine list.


Fallow stands out as an environmentally conscious restaurant in London that truly lives up to its vision. Established by Will Murray and Jack Croft – former Dinner by Heston alumni – Fallow stands for creative cooking, sustainable practices and root-to-stem eating (they met at Heston Blumenthal’s veg section).

The menu offers snacks, plates, grill section and raw bar items designed for sharing. Try the cauliflower cheese croquetas topped with hot mozzarella sauce or the corn ribs seasoned with kombu seasoning as a starter; or for something truly delectable try their mushroom parfait served alongside thick slices of sourdough bread for a full meal experience.

When feeling indulgent, Fallow offers delightful caramelised whey Chelsea tart and Pump Street chocolate mousse as sweet treats. As for main courses, dairy cow rib of beef stands out; aged for just the right time it rivals any cut in town and fallsow’s approach of purchasing whole animals and butchering different parts ensures less waste and maximum flavor!

Biodynamic wines and cocktails are also available, while the cocktail list offers both classic and innovative tipples – for instance, our Rhubarb and Custard Gin Drink is an irresistibly nostalgic delight that tastes just like its old-school predecessor!


Fallow stands out among countless restaurants by actively upping their sustainability game and succeeding at it. Created by former Heston Blumenthal chefs Will Murray and Jack Croft (who met while working at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’s two Michelin-star flagship), Fallow was born from their passion for creative cooking while simultaneously protecting the environment. Located in Mayfair, Fallow provides exquisite meals while operating sustainably.

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After several residencies at Carousel and Crispin as well as Duck & Waffle Local on Heddon Street, the team have finally established themselves in St James’s Market as their permanent home. Expect nose-to-tail dining using lesser used ingredients while trying to reduce waste – expect plates such as Smoked Cod’s Head with House Sriracha Sauce; cauliflower and Kalibos Cabbage with Leek Oil & Glazed Celeriac served on plates are among the possibilities!

Experienced the futuristic foodie restaurant first-hand is by sitting at one of its seven-seat chef’s counter tables; otherwise enjoy their a la carte and weekly special menu options as well. Don’t forget dessert either; the creamy chicken fat creme caramel or Chelsea tart made with leftover whey from Kappacasein Dairy are two great ways to end an outstanding eco-conscious and tasty dining experience!


Fallow has found success with their St James’s location by sticking to sustainable British ingredients – from beak to feet – while adhering to their admirable principles without appearing preachy or uptight. Front of house staff are helpful and knowledgeable; atmosphere luxurious without being stuffy; plates of food come out quickly with minimal fuss but flavor bursting through every time!

Fallow’s menu may be shorter and cheaper, but it remains ambitious. Crab cakes, pickled lemon and purslane were highlights; Carlingford Rock Oyster (which lives up to its humble name) were among my personal favourites.

Heavy snacks to choose from at this restaurant include liquid-centred cauliflower cheese croquetas with black garlic mayo, as well as fried corn ribs dusted with kombu. A mushroom parfait might seem pricey at PS18; however, when combined with slices of sourdough toast it provides rich, satisfying bites of goodness! And cod’s head makes an unforgettable presentation: its fearsome face concealing plenty of moist flesh drenched in vibrant orange house-made sriracha sauce – something not even foodies would know about!

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Fallow Restaurant stands out among London restaurants that are raising their sustainability game by being led by chefs Will Murray and Jack Croft, both former trainees at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal prior to opening this Mayfair dining room which has already gained notoriety through pop-up residencies at Carousel and Crispin. Or it could simply be that their ethos centers around sustainable dining where lesser and local foods receive the spotlight they deserve.

At Fallow’s Dining Space in Berlin, they strive to offer an inviting dining space free of pretension that caters to young professionals who enjoy great food. The open kitchen plays a central role, with staff who are knowledgeable of Fallow’s sustainability principles as well as what is on their menu.

The menu at Latitude 29 features snacks, plates, grill items, raw bar offerings and cocktails/mocktails in six separate sections: snacks, plates, grill sections and raw bars. Dishes are meant to be shared, and wrap-around marble-topped tables as well as dark wood tables designed for couples provide space for socialising. Drinks offerings focus heavily on biodynamic bottles from UK/Europe regions with its own house wine produced through collaboration with Renegade Urban Winery as well as cocktails/mocktails including pina coladas; currently this restaurant is one of the hardest restaurants to get into so be prepared.