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Fallow Restaurant Review

Fallow first debuted as a series of pop up residencies in 2020 before finding permanent housing in St James’. Their emphasis on nose-to-tail cooking (try the smoked cod head with pea, mushroom and purslane sauce!) makes this restaurant one of St James’ must-visits.

Will Murray and Jack Croft, two graduates of Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, both champion creative cooking techniques and sustainable strategies.

Corn ribs

Fallow stands out among London restaurants as a sustainable dining option with great elan, due to the efforts of chefs Will Murray and Jack Croft who cut their teeth at Heston Blumenthal before teaming up with hospitality operator James Robson to establish this Mayfair eatery. Starting as residency dishes at Carousel and Crispin before eventually finding its permanent home in St James’s in 2020; since then it has amassed the same sort of reputation usually reserved for more established establishments.

Food at Heston Blumenthal restaurants is inventive and inventive; as one would expect from chefs with his CV. But also innovative is their use of lesser-used ingredients in innovative ways to reduce waste while elevating humble produce to new levels – corn ribs for instance are flash-fried in hot oil before being coated in umami-rich kombu seasoning, while cod’s head (an often wasted part of fish) are brined and cooked over charcoal until absolutely tender.

Notable here is that their menu is meant to be shared – making it a fantastic option for those seeking a date night without breaking the bank. There’s also casual choices, including new granola made with Yorkshire rhubarb and native grains or their signature Fallow full breakfast consisting of smoked bacon, eggs, bubble and Nutbourne tomatoes – perfect for casual diners looking for delicious food without breaking their budget!

Mushroom parfait

Fallow stands out among a flurry of new environmentally conscious restaurants by actually walking its talk. Chef Jack Croft and William Murray met while working at household names before bonding over their love of nose-to-tail cuisine, elevating even humble ingredients like carrot tops. Since opening as a series of pop-ups before finally finding its permanent home on Duck & Waffle Local’s site in 2015, Fallow has become an innovative hub featuring polished floors and red leather banquettes, marble counters with upturned planting boxes of kelp and heather planted directly into its interior design.

Brightly-lit open kitchen is a bustling hub of organized chaos with 150 seats spread out among tables for two or more – marble top and dark wood squarish; as well as an intimate wrap-around bar-style area. Diners all effortlessly stylish Londoners ooze passion for food as they are serenaded by front of house team which are charismatic, enthusiastic and eager to please diners.

The menu, divided into snacks, small and large plates (plus raw bar), reflects this approach. This includes dishes which might seem outre, such as corn ribs – tender strips of corn skinned and dusted with kombu seaweed powder and soy sauce combined with maple syrup to mimic meat – or the mushroom parfait – pureed shiitake mushrooms combined with grey oyster mushrooms and fennel that elevate rather than detract from its meaty base.

Cod’s head

Fallow Supper Club has returned stronger than ever after being forced to close for what eventually turned into a month-long lockdown, as founders two Dinner by Heston alumni set about to make sure it could reopen and offer sustainable, waste free cuisine with inventive, delicious dishes presented beautifully on its menu.

Fallow’s menu, divided into specific categories such as breads and dairy cow cuts, offers an innovative mix of familiar and experimental dishes. Corn ribs fried and dusted with Fallow’s own version of kombu seasoning make an utter delight, and aren’t simply an environmental gesture; also notable is Fallow’s mushroom parfait which might sound expensive but provides rich, satisfying meals complete with slices of house-baked sourdough for an affordable PS18 price point.

Cabbage gets its own makeover when dressed with hispi confit-d with black garlic and heaps of chestnuts – this simple brassica turns into something extraordinary as its sweet flavor is balanced by the rich sauce with an intriguing hint of fermentation.

Chefs take great pride in elevating common ingredients to extraordinary heights, while their passion for waste reduction is visible throughout the restaurant. Drink-wise, there’s an impressive list of biodynamic wines and classic cocktails to complement their food offering.

Cabbage with chestnuts

Fallow Restaurant stands out among London’s newer sustainable restaurants due to Murray and Croft, its owners, having gained experience at household names like Heston Blumenthal and Core before setting up shop in Mayfair. Their principles serve as inspiration for dishes which feature only premium ingredients on offer.

Watching them work their magic is truly enjoyable, and their kitchen’s commitment to using lesser-used ingredients to reduce waste is truly impressive. Their menu boasts several dishes that take humble ingredients like chard to unexpected places – from their River Cafe-inspired chard gratin and an elongated radicchio with salted bacon that would pair beautifully with any Christmas dinner!

The recipe from the vegetable section of their menu showcases their clever approach to cooking: crisp cabbage leaves have an affinity with salty bacon while crunchy chestnuts bring depth. This delicious side dish makes an easy accompaniment for casseroles, Sunday roasts and even turkey at Christmas as an alternative to Brussels sprouts! Blanch your cabbage first then cool with ice cubes until cool enough for easy storage; use good-quality tomato sauce mixed with vinegar and paprika for maximum complexity of flavor.

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