fallow restaurant review

After garnering praise during their Heddon Street residency and weathering the pandemic, Fallow (run by Will Murray and Jack Croft from Dinner by Heston Blumenthal) has now opened a permanent location specializing in sustainable yet creative cuisine spanning root to stem to tail cooking. Expect root-to-stem cuisine that surprises while remaining eco-friendly!

Crab Cake with Pickled Lemon and Purslane. Cod Head. A brilliant way of using an animal that would otherwise go uneaten.

Corn Ribs

Fallow, established by Dinner by Heston alumni Will Murray and Jack Croft in 2021, stands out as an innovative spot in London’s St James’s, known for serving creative cuisine from nose-to-tail eating all the way through to root-to-stem dining. Their celebration of sustainable thinking, conscious creativity and making simple things taste extraordinary is evident from every dish served here.

That philosophy can be seen reflected in their menu: it features creative and delectable dishes like their iconic corn ribs (which are not actually ribs but tender strips of sweetcorn skinned off the cob and dusted with umami-rich kombu seasoning), alongside crab cakes featuring pickled lemon and purslane for maximum dexterity – not often you find such feats of culinary virtuosity in something as humble as Carlingford rock oysters!).

Fungi plate is another stand-out lunchtime offering; this dish features pureed shiitake mushroom parfait with grilled sourdough for generous spreading, crunchy shaved fennel for crunchiness, and earthy black garlic dusting that elevates this humble vegetable’s earthy depth to new levels. Meanwhile, their take on brassica is an unforgettable delight: its succulent meatiness contrasted with buttery chestnut mash bits nestled within delicate leaves – not to mention chunks of hispi confit hidden within delicate leaves dandied leaves – for an irresistibly satisfying experience!

Mushroom Parfait

Back in March, when Fallow first announced its Heddon Street pop up restaurant it was big news. Ten days after opening though, chefs were forced to close due to Coronavirus infection – but are back open and better than ever! Their open kitchen now takes centre stage in this soft industrial-themed room with polished floors and red leather banquettes lining its walls while bundles of kelp and heather hang from its ceiling – truly spectacular!

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The menu promises “creative cooking and sustainable thinking” from two Dinner by Heston Blumenthal alumni behind the stoves. This translates to mouthwatering nose-to-tail and root-to-stem dining that respects produce but doesn’t compromise flavor!

From mushroom parfait to corn ribs seasoned with kombu seasoning, there’s much to enjoy on this menu. Perhaps my favorite was cabbage confit; at first it’s buttery before unveiling an unexpected, fermented taste for added depth to this simple brassica vegetable.

Front of house staff at this London restaurant are exceptionally charming, responsive and eager to please. Their understanding of both its menu and ethos are second to none – effortlessly stylish young Londoners congregate here regularly while it remains popular with more seasoned diners as well.

Cod’s Head

Mayfair stands out among London restaurants by upping its sustainable game with an ingenious approach to cooking. Their front of house team are friendly and helpful; the atmosphere luxurious without feeling stuffy; and food interesting without coming at the cost of straight up deliciousness. Fallow was founded by Croft and Murray who previously gained experience working at household names like Heston Blumenthal before opening it as a pop-up residence before eventually moving permanently onto Heddon Street in 2019.

This restaurant’s menu is divided into snacks, plates, a grill section and raw bar that are designed for sharing. Two standout items on this list include cauliflower cheese croquetas with black garlic mayo as well as their signature cod head that epitomizes nose-to-tail eating with style – though its fearsome visage might make you think otherwise! Once poked around its fleshy jaws you will discover melting morsels of tender meat hidden among its bones!

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The mushroom parfait deserves recognition as well, featuring generous slices of sourdough spread with creamy puree of shiitake and grey oyster mushrooms. The crab cake, too, stands out: delicate flakes of crab rest upon a mound of pickled lemon with purslane sauce for contrast. And if cod head is too much for you to bear, try lamb’s tongue in caper sauce instead – another excellent dish. Dessert options vary: the rhubarb souffle needs longer baking while Chelsea tart with caramelised whey requires finer pastry for contrast.

Cabbage Confit

Fallow may have received considerable foodie buzz, yet the team behind it have lived up to expectations: friendly service at the front of house; luxurious without feeling stuffy ambience; dishes from chefs Jack Croft of Heston Blumenthal fame and Will Murray celebrating sustainable thinking through using less common ingredients that minimize waste in their menu; these were all hallmarks of excellence at Fallow.

At its heart lies a noble but ambitious ambition – to elevate even some of the more familiar elements through clever combinations. For starters you could try ordering a tartiflette flatbread which features pillowy pillows of Tunworth cheese topped with caramelised onions; or perhaps try something grilled like sweetcorn served up with an eye-opening shaving of truffle, leaving you questioning just how often this humble vegetable has made an appearance on your plate!

For something a bit heartier, the pickled lemon, purslane and crab cake is sure to please: delicate crabmeat is scattered across this fragrant cake made with sharp pickled lemon and shredded cabbage sauce for added flavour. And don’t forget Carlingford rock oysters from Ireland paired with toasty chilli broth as an unforgettable taste experience. Additionally there are vegetarian-friendly options such as hispi cabbage confit with chive oil, white miso and black garlic to complete your experience!