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Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant Review

Disney’s Be Our Guest restaurant at Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom is an idyllic scene from every child’s imagination – a magical realm where wishes really can come true! Decorated to resemble Beast’s castle with special surprises in store.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner service is offered here and guests may dine in one of three rooms: Belle’s library, the West Wing or Grand Ballroom.

French-Inspired Cuisine

Be Our Guest is a table-service French restaurant featuring authentic French fare, from French Onion Soup to Filet Mignon. The Grand Ballroom, West Wing and Rose Gallery all provide intimate dining spaces, each featuring its own theme – gargoyles, chandeliers, stained glass windows and framed paintings are just a few examples of how much care has gone into creating this establishment.

Touch-screen devices allow guests to place orders, before heading off to their tables. While the restaurant can get noisy at times, that’s part of the experience. At lunch, a prix fixe menu offers three courses for just PS10.99: appetizer, main dish and dessert are all on offer while children 9 years or under may order from a separate kid’s menu.

If you are planning a visit to Disney World, Be Our Guest may be worth exploring as it offers premium prices compared to most restaurants at the resort.

One of the highlights of Be Our Guest is meeting Beast! He appears after dinner, offering official Disney PhotoPass Service photos to guests who arrive.

Wine & Beverages

This restaurant was among the first at Disney World to serve alcohol, offering an extensive selection of wine, beer and cider as well as non-alcoholic drinks like their signature blue raspberry slush and pomegranate limeade. All wines have been chosen specifically to complement food served at this establishment as well as meet its overall theme.

Discover all kinds of amazing details throughout this restaurant from gargoyles to stained glass windows, an armory hall and even the Beast’s study – designed by Imagineers who put careful consideration into every inch. It is an absolute must see for fans of Beauty and the Beast or anyone simply interested in dining in a stunning castle setting!

Be Our Guest is a table service restaurant offering a pre-fix menu for both lunch and dinner, beginning with French onion soup or lobster bisque before choosing from filet mignon, chicken breast or pork tenderloin as your entree choice. Finally, complete your experience with either the dessert trio or plant-based option available to round out the experience.

This restaurant features three themed dining areas inspired by the film: Grand Ballroom, West Wing and Rose Gallery. All three dining areas transport you right back into the movie experience with astounding attention to detail that transports you right back into it all! During dinner time the Beast usually makes appearances in each dining area before retiring to his study for pictures with guests.


The restaurant itself is themed after Beauty and the Beast movie, complete with large doors, tiled floors and stone gargoyles throughout its building. Inside are three dining rooms: Grand Ballroom, West Wing and Rose Gallery. Each has their own atmosphere: Grand Ballroom is luxurious while West Wing features smaller more intimate space filled with paintings on walls while Rose Gallery showcases an enchanted rose in glass! Imagineers did an excellent job creating such an environment and theme!

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Staff at Le Jardin is welcoming and knowledgeable of their menu items. Additionally, they assist guests with any special dietary requests they might have for their meal. Make sure to book early as reservations often fill up quickly!

This restaurant is themed after Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast and decorated in stunning detail to recreate that experience for fans of the film. There are three dining rooms in total including Grand Ballroom, West Wing, Rose Gallery as well as armor hall and Beast’s study – making you feel as if you stepped right out of it all!

At night this restaurant transforms from quick service into table service with an ADR and two table service credits per person required for dining experience. They do not accept MagicBands for payment nor provide autograph cards for The Beast; due to social distance rules he may only take photos with guests who visit his table during dinner.

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