This popular Teochew restaurant provides an expansive menu. Their most popular items include their fish maw soup, pork knuckle and coffee ribs! For dessert fans there’s always orh nee made of yam, pumpkin and ginko nuts!

Reserve a table if you plan on visiting on weekends; this Bedok institution has been around for 50 years!

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Chin Lee Restaurant was first established in Bedok, Singapore in 1973 and remains an icon to this day, serving classic old-school Teochew cuisine. A favorite among guests is their Teochew Steamed Pomfret ($86++/$109++/$132++). Steamed alongside mushrooms, tomatoes and pickled mustard greens to bring out its natural sweetness.

Other dishes to try include Hei Zhou, which features succulent oysters in crispy egg batter. This elevated version of an oyster omelette makes an ideal start to your meal; furthermore, Fried Oyster Pancake ($15) should not be missed either!

If you’re craving noodles, look no further than Chai Por Kway Teow ($14++/$21++/$28++). This delectable flat rice noodle stir-fried with garlic, preserved dried radish and kailan is sure to please – though requires skilled frying skills for optimal results!


Chin Lee Restaurant has been an institution in Bedok since 1973, serving classic Teochew cuisine. One must-try dish here is their Fried Oyster Pancake ($15), featuring succulent oysters in a delectably creamy batter with an irresistibly crunchy exterior. For larger groups looking for more substantial fare, their Beef & Ginger Hot Pot ($86++) provides ample opportunity for ordering several types of meat, vegetables and noodles all to be shared around.

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At first glance, this restaurant may seem small; however, you will have plenty of seating options: indoor tables as well as an outdoor covered void deck that seats sixteen. Beware of peak hours to avoid disappointment! For dessert lovers, the Orh Nee should not be missed with its velvety smooth yam paste topped with pumpkin and pork lard for an irresistibly delicious experience!