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Chin Lee Restaurant Review

chin lee restaurant review

Chin Lee Restaurant in Singapore is an acclaimed eatery that specializes in authentic Teochew cuisine, making it a top pick for family meals or special celebrations. Although modern-looking in appearance, it still manages to give off a cozy old-world charm.

Since 1973, this restaurant has enjoyed an outstanding reputation with customers. Serving classic dishes such as chye poh kway teow, oyster omelette, hey chor and orh nee; all are sure to bring smiles and satisfaction.

The food

Chin Lee Restaurant was first opened for business in 1973 on the ground floor of an HDB block in Bedok North, and currently under Chef Eric Chua’s stewardship since he inherited it from his father. Over time, this longstanding Chinese eatery has established an avid following due to their delicious traditional Teochew dishes as well as offering various set menus with different price points as well as an a la carte menu featuring many classic Chinese favourites.

Starting our meal off right, we started out with the Xian Dan Xia Qiu Stir-fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk ($20 for small, $40 for large). These fresh and succulent prawns were served up with an intense sauce that wasn’t oily at all; Ka Pei Pai Gu Coffee Pork Ribs were equally flavorful, providing tender meat that boasted an irresistibly rich coffee aroma.

For just $15, we sampled the delicious Fried Oyster Pancake ($15), packed with plump oysters and crispy battered bits that paired beautifully with its tart chilli sauce. As dessert we enjoyed Yam Paste with Pumpkin served with Ginkgo Nuts ($4 per person or $28 for large). Its rich and smooth texture was perfectly satisfying without becoming overly sweet.

At La Ruche Restaurant & Cafe, the food is consistently delicious and the service fast and friendly. Additionally, they have both non-air conditioned dining area seating as well as outdoor seating which makes this establishment great for accommodating family dinners and special events in hotter climates.

The service

Some may lament that Teochew cuisine is slowly diminishing, yet Chin Lee Restaurant remains an anchor at Block 115 of Bedok North Road serving traditional homestyle meals. This spacious eatery offers both indoor air conditioning as well as al fresco seating to create an ideal dining experience for its patrons.

Interior is bright and clean; staff are welcoming and attentive. Their knowledge of the menu allows them to gladly answer any of your queries; additionally they’ll recommend their favorite dishes if you need guidance in choosing something from it all.

One of their signature dishes is their Fried Oyster Pancake ($15). Similar to what can be found at Bedok 85 Market, but much tastier. With succulent battered oysters and tart chilli sauce that offer the perfect balance with rich egg batter.

Chie Poh Kway Teow is another must-try, made by stir frying garlic, preserved dried radish and kai lan with lots of tender noodles that have an irresistibly delicious wok hei, with crunchy kai lan adding extra crunch.

Chin Lee offers an assortment of decadent desserts, such as its velvety smooth yam paste and pumpkin with sinful pork lard – the ideal way to end any meal! If planning on visiting, be sure to make your reservation early as weekends can become very crowded at this restaurant.

The ambience

Chin Lee Restaurant in Bedok North, Singapore has long been one of the city’s premier Teochew dining establishments since 1973 and continues to draw loyal diners today. Now led by chef Eric Chua – his father having handed down the business – this comfortable yet spacious interior is similar to those found at modern mall-style Chinese restaurants; additionally there is outdoor seating for al fresco dining experiences.

Food at this restaurant is always fresh and flavorful, thanks to our chefs using only top-quality ingredients in every dish they create. Generous serving sizes make the meals great for sharing among friends or family members; plus they offer soups, noodles, rice dishes and desserts as menu items!

At Chin Lee Restaurant in the early twentieth century, Chinese immigrants sought to blur lines between China and America, frugality and fashion, domestic and foreign, through offering a diverse menu of Chinese cuisine and developing close relationships with customers. Furthermore, vaudeville line-ups and cabaret performances entertained diners as they enjoyed chop suey and chow mein. All this helped secure “merchant status”, an accepted legal classification under Chinese Exclusion laws.

The price

Chin Lee Restaurant is an ideal venue for family dinners and special celebrations, providing both set menus and an extensive a la carte selection, including many classic Teochew dishes such as the delicious Fried Oyster Pancake. Don’t miss their Hei Zhou dish as well – both dishes we highly recommend trying.

At this restaurant, guests can also experience traditional seafood dishes like Steamed Sea Cucumber with Minced Pork and Dried Shrimp as well as various Noodle Dishes, Soups, and Steamed Rice Dishes. An absolute must try dish is Xian Dan Xia Qiu Stir-Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk which boasts rich and flavorful taste without being overwhelming; their succulent shrimps provide fresh taste sensations!

The Xian Xia Qiu was an outstanding new addition to their menu and we were very impressed. Prawns covered in salted egg yolk paste was very flavorful yet not overpowering; perfectly complementing pumpkin and gingko nuts’ sweetness. Their steamed rice with soft, sweet gingko nuts was equally enjoyable; we were absolutely wowed by both quality of food and price; we will definitely return for more dishes from them!

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