Many of you are starting to plan for your 2024 Disney World vacations and the dining budget associated with them, particularly whether the ornate Beauty & the Beast-themed Be Our Guest restaurant justifies its price.

This restaurant provides three course prix-fixe menus for lunch and dinner in one of three dining halls: Grand Ballroom, West Wing or Rose Gallery.

French-Inspired Cuisine

be our guest’s food is an integral part of their experience. They provide traditional French cuisine such as starters such as French Onion Soup and Escargot as well as entrees like Filet Mignon and Grey Stuff. There is even a kid’s menu designed especially for children 9 and under featuring items like Grilled Chicken Tenderloin with Classic Mac and Cheese!

The restaurant features three charming dining areas, such as the Grand Ballroom where guests may request seating (though it may become loud), Rose Gallery with its portrait of Beast that changes between Prince and Beast and West Wing with its Enchanted Rose that showers petals when looked upon closely!

Disney was ahead of its time when they established Be Our Guest as the first table service restaurant at a theme park to offer alcohol; and remains as such today. Here, wine, beer and cocktails are served alongside soft drinks and signature non-alcoholic beverages for purchase in souvenir cups at reduced rates; each beverage may also be purchased individually at reduced costs.

If you dine here for dinner, after your meal you can queue up to meet Beast (official Disney PhotoPass photos only). He doesn’t move around much during the daytime so finding him may be difficult depending on when you go.

Wine & Beverages

Be Our Guest was initially the only Disney theme park that did not serve alcohol; however, when Be Our Guest opened as part of the New Fantasyland expansion in 2012, this policy changed and you now can order wines and beers to complement your meal!

Be Our Guest Restaurant is one of the world’s most magical dining locations, boasting interior and exterior decorations to look like Beast’s castle. Once inside, guests will find three distinct dining areas; The Grand Ballroom serves as the main room; its large floor-to-ceiling windows allow guests to see snowfall outside!

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Smaller dining rooms feature gargoyles, lanterns, stained glass windows, shields and of course the iconic rose as decorations to help guests become immersed in the film experience. Each dining area boasts special design touches that help guests immerse themselves into it fully.

Be Our Guest launched a new menu in 2022 which emphasizes authentic classic French dishes. Their appetizer list boasts popular options like French Onion Soup and Escargot while their main courses include Herb-Salted Pork Tenderloin with Vadouvan Spice Vegetables as entrees; Filet Mignon, Poulet Rouge Chicken and Trout Almondine are among their specialty steaks and fish dishes; additionally kids have access to special choices like Grilled Beef Tenderloin as well pan-seared chicken Breast! All meals include choice of Milk Apple Juice or Water beverage with dessert in addition.


Be Our Guest is unquestionably the ideal location for an elegant dining experience at Disney World; however, in comparison with other dining locations in Orlando it might not offer as good of value.

At this magical location modeled after Beast’s castle, guests can expect an exquisite three course menu and unique experience. Set within three exquisite dining areas – Grand Ballroom, West Wing and Rose Gallery – that transport them right back into a fairytale setting, complete with gargoyles, chandeliers, stained glass windows and lanterns from its inhabitants’ portraits – each area transports guests right back into storybook reality! Guests are welcomed into three incredible dining areas that invite them in: Grand Ballroom, West Wing and Rose Gallery which take them right back there in a storybook setting: Grand Ballroom Grand Ballroom West Wing and Rose Gallery are welcome here: Grand Ballroom Grand Ballroom West Wing and Rose Gallery) that transport them there right back there again: Grand Ballroom Grand Ballroom West Wing and Rose Gallery that welcome guests right back into storybook settings: Grand Ballroom Grand Ballroom West Wing and Rose Gallery which transport them right back there again: gargoyles chandeliers stained glass windows and lanterns as well as portraits of its residents who reside within its walls! It all makes for an extraordinary dining experience unlike any other theme park experience: Grand Ballroom Grand Ballroom West Wing and Rose Gallery are just three of three incredible dining areas you must not forget that much attention is lavished here too!.

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Our menu boasts French-influenced cuisine with American influences. For both adults and children alike, there is a pre-fixe menu with your choice of appetizer, entree and dessert trio included as an option on our regular dinner menu. All meals include an option to customize it accordingly!

Kids’ entrees include grilled beef tenderloin, pan-seared chicken breast and macaroni and cheese, with beverages including soda, apple juice or milk available as options. In addition, there is a comprehensive allergy menu covering eight common allergens such as gluten/wheat, dairy, egg, peanut tree nut fish shellfish as well as special dietary needs that they are happy to accommodate.


Be Our Guest stands out from other table service restaurants on Disney property by its unparalleled atmosphere. Divided into three enchanting dining areas – Grand Ballroom, Rose Gallery and West Wing – be Our Guest feels like entering another movie altogether when entering this restaurant – forget that you’re even in a theme park!

For those unfamiliar with the movie, The West Wing is the forbidden room that Beast forbids Belle to enter. This restaurant has recreated this experience to perfection, down to every last detail (such as an Enchanted Rose!) making your dining experience here truly remarkable and if you love this storyline it should certainly be one of your top choices for dining out!

After your meal, take part in official Disney PhotoPass Service photos with Beast as an extra treat – but please arrive early for your reservation as meeting him can often require quite an extended wait!

Overall, the food at Be Our Guest is excellent but may not justify the premium price tag. While its stunning interior makes this place lovely to dine in, other restaurants may provide more value for your dollar.