Be Our Guest is one of the most beloved restaurants at Disney World and often difficult to get reservations, particularly for dinner service.

Table service restaurant offering breakfast and lunch. Dinner service features a prix fixe menu featuring appetizer, entree and dessert selections.

Attention to detail is impressive, with every item from the movie bringing to life, such as tapestries tattered by wear or Beast’s Enchanted Rose that spews out petals.


Fantasyland’s restaurant at the base of Beast’s Castle serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily; reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance and guests may use Quick Service or Table Service credits towards their meal.

Once seated, guests have the choice between three dining rooms: Grand Ballroom, West Wing or Rose Gallery – each beautifully detailed with gargoyles, enchanted roses, stained glass windows and chandeliers.

At lunch and dinner, guests enjoy a three course meal that features their choice of appetizers and entrees, such as French Onion Soup, Duck & Pork Terrine, Mixed Greens Salad, Potato Leak Soup or Escargot de Bourgogne for an appetiser; Dry-Aged Duroc Pork Chops, Trout Amandine, Grilled Filet Mignon or Roasted Poulet Rouge Chicken can be ordered as main courses respectively; for children’s menu items such as Mac & Cheese or Pan-Roasted Zucchini for their entree course meal; for dessert guests can try Grey Stuff cupcakes.

Be Our Guest is best appreciated when seen in person; however, its true charm lies in discovering all its intricate details. While most visitors come for this reason alone, guests may also try their luck at finding hidden Mickeys throughout. In particular, take note of the Grand Ballroom ceiling – you’ll spot several adorable cherubs (angel babies) resting peacefully atop it! These designs were inspired by photos taken of Imagineers working on Be Our Guest as babies themselves!

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Atmosphere in restaurants is one of the key determinants of guests returning. A great ambiance can keep diners seated for hours while ordering drinks and appetizers, and may influence their decision to try dishes outside their comfort zone. A welcoming ambiance will create a feeling of home that builds customer trust for future visits.

At this restaurant, the atmosphere is inspired by Beauty and The Beast with three separate dining areas designed to re-create its story. Most noteworthy among these rooms is The West Wing which evokes the movie. You’ll find portraits of The Beast that transition between human and beast forms, rose bushes, snow falling through “windows”, as well as portraits depicting both characters transforming between forms, rose bushes, and snow falling from windows in this space. While not every table can fit comfortably here, this room definitely deserves your consideration if possible!

This restaurant combines classic French with some signature Disney dishes, such as starters such as escargot, duck confit and soups; main courses such as boeuf bourguignon and pan-seared chicken; kids’ options; for dessert you have either traditional treats or plant-based options – and best of all: you get to meet Beast himself while there! One unique aspect of this restaurant is meeting him but without the typical interaction including autographs and photos being taken with him!


Be Our Guest is one of the most beloved restaurants at Walt Disney World and one of its more expensive eateries – both qualities make up part of its charm! Be Our Guest offers an unforgettable dining experience!

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This restaurant draws its inspiration from Beauty and the Beast, so stepping inside can feel like being transported directly into the movie. Divided into three dining areas: Grand Ballroom, Rose Gallery and West Wing – each room designed with meticulous detail such as stained glass windows, gargoyles, lanterns, an enchanted rose and portraits in mind.

Pre-fixe menu options consist of appetizers, entrees and desserts; it may be more costly than anticipated but take your time enjoying your meal without feeling overwhelmed by its price tag.

Children’s menus are available, though not recommended for those under 9. In 2022 Be Our Guest debuted its new menu that highlights authentic French dishes as well as providing plant-based options.

If you want to meet Beast, make sure you book a dinner reservation! He makes his appearance during each hourly meal service, not signing autographs or offering posed photos but rather walking by your table where you can wave at him or snap some quick video footage for unforgettable photos! Don’t miss this fantastic chance for unforgettable photographs!


At be our guest, the service is impeccable. There is a dedicated staff available to ensure all your needs are met, keeping tables clean while serving delicious cuisine in an unforgettable atmosphere – you may forget you are visiting a theme park!

The menu offers classic French fare such as French Onion Soup, Escargots, Duck Terrine and Trout Almondine – not to mention an upscale kiddie menu with grilled chicken breast, fried fish fillets and classic mac and cheese for kids!

At lunch and dinner you have an opportunity to say hi to The Beast as he strolls by your table. He may not stop for photographs or autographs, but it is nice to see him roaming about.