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Be Our Guest Restaurant Review

Be Our Guest is a three-tiered table-service restaurant featuring French-influenced cuisine. There are three dining areas: Grand Ballroom, West Wing and Rose Gallery.

At lunch and dinner you have the freedom to choose your table within the dining areas; at night they seat you based on availability. Each room boasts incredible details.


Be Our Guest may seem expensive when compared with other Orlando restaurants; however, for those seeking an unforgettable dining experience and memorable setting it is well worth its cost.

Be Our Guest is inspired by the film Beauty and the Beast, with three separate dining areas (Grand Ballroom, Rose Gallery and West Wing). Imagineers have done an outstanding job replicating its theme. Stepping inside feels like entering another dimension from Beauty and the Beast itself.

Be sure to look up at the beautiful painted ceilings. The ballroom stands out with its giant chandeliers that echo those in the movie, while in the West Wing you will find well-themed tapestries, damaged portraits of Beast before his curse was cast upon him and the Enchanted Rose (which can even drop petals!).

As part of Disney’s unique table service experience, guests here order on a tablet and are seated themselves. Alcohol is available – an inaugural offering at Magic Kingdom table service; served in souvenir cups but available to purchase by the glass as well.


Be Our Guest serves up delicious food that’s both plentiful and reasonably priced, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner service. They offer table service with breakfast, lunch, or dinner available daily – though their menu can be more costly than expected – you are sure to find something suitable at Be Our Guest.

The decor of the restaurant is truly amazing. Stepping inside feels like entering Beast’s castle, with incredible attention paid to every detail imaginable: gargoyles, stained glass windows, candles, shields, an enchanted rose and portraits all scattered throughout its dining areas.

At lunch and dinner service, guests have an opportunity to say hi to The Beast as he strolls around the restaurant’s open areas. He doesn’t stop for photos or autographs but it is still fun saying hello in passing!

Be Our Guest is currently included as a Quick Service option on the Disney Dining Plan; however, beginning in 2024 it will become a Signature Dining experience requiring two Table Service credits per diner. Featuring French Onion Soup, Escargot and Filet Mignon as menu offerings; plus sweet dessert trio options as well as plant-based dessert choices, Be Our Guest offers something deliciously different to every guest in attendance.


Be Our Guest can become very busy depending on the season and time of day; this may change your experience at dinner when seated in one of three dining areas (Grand Ballroom, Rose Gallery or West Wing). When busy periods arrive you may find that noise levels increase significantly as well as overcrowding at Be Our Guest.

Be Our Guest is unsurpassed in its attention to detail, boasting three dining rooms that each boast gargoyles, portraits, lanterns, stained glass windows and shields adorning each of the walls – not forgetting its Enchanted Rose! – creating an experience reminiscent of being transported into Beauty and the Beast himself.

At the conclusion of your meal, you have an opportunity to visit Beast in his castle and say hello. While he won’t stop for photos or autographs, this presents an excellent opportunity to take unique shots of him!

Be Our Guest offers French-inspired cuisine. While more upscale than Quick Service offerings at Disney, Be Our Guest can still be pricey due to being table service. However, their menu boasts exclusive items (French Onion Soup, Filet Mignon and The Grey Stuff) not found elsewhere on Disney restaurants’ menus. Additionally there is a child menu featuring dishes more luxurious than those offered through Quick Service kids meals.


Be Our Guest has become less of a value this year with the introduction of a prix fixe menu and fixed dinner prices, but still remains worth visiting Walt Disney World. How it compares with similar restaurants depends entirely upon one’s frame of reference and budget – however removing from consideration any unique design elements like location within a park and character dining experiences like Applebee’s, Outback or Sizzler may still prove costly; though Be Our Guest may cost less per meal at these places!

One reason many are willing to overlook its shortcomings is that when dining here they really do feel as if they are entering Beast’s castle from the movie. From its massive front doors and suit of armor to Belle’s library and West Wing – each aspect of this restaurant has been thoughtfully themed for an authentic experience. Even when meeting Beast (he only greets guests after dinner), you’ll still see him from across the grand hall and you’ll have ample opportunity to take official Disney PhotoPass photos or selfies of him before leaving his grand hall!

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