be our guest restaurant review

Making the right restaurant selections for any Disney vacation is of utmost importance. Will becoming our guest at any particular establishment be worth its price tag?

The Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant provides prix fixe lunch and dinner service in three dining areas — Grand Ballroom, West Wing and Rose Gallery — that bring their storybook setting alive.

French-Inspired Cuisine

be Our Guest is known for serving delicious French-influenced food that’s far from haute cuisine. In fact, the menu at be Our Guest provides many of the same options you’d find at any Disney Quick Service restaurant with a French twist thrown in. However, their dishes are truly delectable and worth their reasonable prices!

Be our guest, and experience three exquisite dining areas at be our guest – each is simply beautiful. The Grand Ballroom, Rose Gallery and West Wing will transport you directly into a fairy tale setting – you may spot gargoyles, stained glass windows, lanterns, enchanted roses and portraits all around!

Alcohol is now available at table service restaurants at Magic Kingdom so you can enjoy a beverage while dining. Drinks come served in souvenir cups but they can also be purchased individually by glass.

Your dining experience with Belle may differ from traditional Disney character dining experiences in that she does not engage in character interactions like photo opps and autographs; she simply strolls around the restaurant area so you can wave at her while not expecting an autographed photo or signature posed by herself. Your decision on whether this experience is worth your while depends entirely upon your expectations and level of immersion desired.

Charming Atmosphere

Be Our Guest is the perfect venue for Beauty and the Beast fans, offering three captivating dining areas: Grand Ballroom, Rose Gallery and West Wing. Each dining space is beautifully themed to transport you straight into their respective stories: gargoyles, lanterns, stained glass windows and even an enchanted rose can be found within each area!

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Be Our Guest is so captivating, you may forget it’s located inside a theme park! Unfortunately, its allure can sometimes make it loud and crowded – to ensure an optimal dining experience, make a reservation ahead of or after popular park events.

Be Our Guest counts as two credits towards your Disney Dining Plan meal, so if you’re on it it could cost as little as other table service restaurants at Disney World but more than your average chain restaurant. However, for many visitors the unique ambiance and delicious cuisine more than justify their higher costs; so it is advisable to bring extra memory cards because photos and videos will likely be taken here!

Great Service

Be Our Guest is known for its unparalleled service. As soon as you enter, a server is ready to assist – dressed like Beast himself and his companions for added fun! Although they won’t give autographs or pose photos with him directly, there will still be opportunities to wave hello as he passes by!

Alcohol is available at this table service restaurant, making a welcome addition to Magic Kingdom’s dining options. Wine, beer and signature cocktails can all be found here as well as soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks served in souvenir cups.

Be Our Guest is undoubtedly worthy of its renown and should be an essential stop during any Disney vacation. Unfortunately, though, its price point keeps it from becoming perfect – breakfast and lunch at Be Our Guest are Quick Service meals on the Disney Dining Plan, while dinner requires two credits of Table Service dining credits from your Dining Plan membership. Many are already planning 2024 Walt Disney World vacations and must decide how much food spending to allocate towards each dining location.

Theme-Saturated Dining Rooms

The restaurant features three captivating dining areas – Grand Ballroom, Rose Gallery and West Wing – each exquisitely themed for a magical dining experience.

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Restaurant guests who dine at the Grand Ballroom by default will be seated there, but may request to be moved into either of the other two rooms (at dinner only). The West Wing contains a portrait that shifts between Beast’s human form and Enchanted Rose forms; additionally it’s darker than other rooms which may make dining uncomfortable for younger kids.

The Rose Gallery is the prettiest room in the restaurant, and is beloved by fans of Beauty and the Beast. There are large paintings adorning its walls, as well as a breathtaking chandelier taking center stage – it makes for an exquisite setting, but can sometimes become loud.

Visitors who visit this restaurant for lunch or dinner will enjoy a prix fixe menu featuring French-inspired dishes. Start off with soup or salad, followed by filet mignon, pork tenderloin or rouge chicken for their main courses; for dessert there’s chocolate souffle, vanilla cake or macaroons available as choices – while kids’ meals include either grilled beef tenderloin or pan-seared chicken as options with three mini desserts included as an add-on option.

Meet the Beast

Though it might be slightly costly for those on a tight budget, you won’t want to miss this dining experience! Just make sure your reservation is booked well in advance as seats can quickly fill up!

Your meal will take place in one of three main rooms: Grand Ballroom (featuring baroque decor), Rose Gallery (displaying artwork depicting Belle and Beast’s romance) or West Wing (the forbidden room, only accessible with permission). With such detailed theming that transports you right back into the movie – including gargoyles, stained glass windows, enchanted roses and more! – your dining experience is sure to transport you!

At lunch and dinner you will have an opportunity to see The Beast strolling through each dining area, but unfortunately he does not stop for photos or autographs – though still an amazing experience to see him! His path repeats every hour; seeing him will definitely make for a fantastic Beauty and the Beast fan experience!