Be Our Guest restaurant at Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland is unlike any other Disney dining experience, transporting guests directly into Beauty and the Beast!

Though not technically a character meal, you’ll get to meet Beast (and take pictures with him). Due to social distance regulations however, he doesn’t visit every table.

Themed Dining Rooms

be Our Guest stands out from many others at Disney World with its themeing, transporting guests directly into a storybook setting that makes them forget they’re at a theme park. Comprised of three charming dining areas-the West Wing, Grand Ballroom and Rose Gallery – its main dining area, Grand Ballroom features high ceilings with intricately detailed ceiling gildings and extravagant chandeliers while large windows give off an appearance of snow falling outside!

The West Wing is where you’ll find the portrait that transforms and the enchanted rose. However, this room tends to be darker and can be disconcerting for younger children.

Rose Gallery: Beast’s Study

Be Our Guest offers French-inspired meals. Their prix-fixe lunch and dinner menu includes appetizer, entree and dessert for every diner; there’s even a kids’ menu for younger diners! Famous classic dishes at Be Our Guest include French onion soup, lobster bisque and The Grey Stuff; they also provide plenty of specialty dishes sure to please foodies in your family.

The Menu

At Lunch and Dinner, their prix-fixe menu features French-inspired cuisine. Appetizers and entrees include French Onion Soup, Duck Terrine, Mixed Greens Salad, Potato Leak Soup and Escargot De Bourgogne for starters; then main courses such as Grilled Filet Mignon, Roast Pork Tenderloin, Rouge Chicken as mains dishes with dessert options of trio macaroons or chocolate tart with grey stuff (known as The Gray Stuff) available as options – then!

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Your children can order from a menu that is more upscale than typical kiddie food, with offerings like grilled beef tenderloin and classic mac and cheese. Our restaurant provides both table service and quick service meals throughout breakfast, lunch, and dinner service hours.

As soon as you arrive at the restaurant, you will have the choice of selecting from three rooms for dining: Grand Ballroom, West Wing and Rose Gallery are available to you; typically the latter will give you the best chance of seeing Beast since he tends to spend most of his dinnertime there! If possible, get a table in West Wing as this tends to be where he congregates most during dinner time!

At dinner hour, you will have an opportunity to see Beast every hour in his castle. He typically greets guests seated at tables before thanking them for joining for dinner and posing for photos; currently he does not greet visitors outside of the restaurant as in years past.

The Service

Be Our Guest is a table service restaurant featuring French-inspired cuisine from Disney. This dining experience spans three distinct rooms: Grand Ballroom, Rose Gallery and West Wing – each designed to resemble one of the film’s settings with gargoyles, stained glass windows, candles, portraits shields and an enchanted rose for you to step right into its story!

Breakfast will be assigned to whatever room is vacant at that time, while for lunch or dinner you can request to be seated in a specific section of the restaurant if possible. Meals include lobster bisque, French onion soup, escargot, duck terrine, trout almondine and filet mignon as options; while for children there’s also plenty of choice including grilled beef tenderloin, pan seared chicken or macaroni and cheese on offer!

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Be Our Guest is certainly worth the extra expense, simply for its exceptional atmosphere. Dining here will create unforgettable memories; however, before booking be sure to consider both its cost and potential return compared to other counter service restaurants in the park. While their food may be excellent it doesn’t come cheap!

The Ambiance

Disney has invested time and resources into making Be Our Guest truly stunning. Each dining room – the Grand Ballroom, Rose Gallery and West Wing – are stunning with stone gargoyles, stained glass windows, enchanted roses and portraits of Prince Adam both as a human and as the Beast providing an immersive experience.

Disney dining experiences don’t come cheap, which shouldn’t come as much of a shock when considering their premium pricing model. If budget constraints limit you from experiencing it all, however, other dining locations might provide more bang for your buck at more reasonable price points.

At lunch and dinner, this restaurant provides a pre-fixe menu offering your choice of appetizer, entree and dessert trio (or their less than desirable plant-based option) at pre-fixe prices. Appetizers such as lobster bisque or French onion soup make for delicious starters while entrees include filet mignon, sea scallops, chicken or pork tenderloin are among their offerings – kids meals include grilled beef tenderloin with pan-seared chicken breast or macaroni and cheese for kid’s meals prix fixe as well. Signature drinks such as wine beer cider as well as non alcoholic options like coffee tea or juice completes their offerings at this establishment.