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sci on [sy-on] noun
a descendant or heir; offshoot; progeny; a branch of a living tree.

Welcome to Scion!

Scion Restaurant is a neighborhood restaurant serving contemporary American cuisine. We are proud of our passion for craft beer, and our warm and welcoming atmosphere.

As scions of a restaurant family, we, Joanne and Julie Liu, are excited to bring you Scion Restaurant. Our parents, Jenny and Henry Liu, immigrated to the United States over thirty-five years ago and started Jenny’s Chinese Restaurant. Through years of hard work and resilience, they created what is now Jenny’s Asian Fusion on the Southwest D.C. waterfront.

Our restaurant experience was forged at Jenny’s. At an early age we were bus girls, dishwashers, and food runners, instilling in us a work ethic that we used in our careers within the corporate world; Joanne as a forensic accountant and Julie as a corporate attorney. Over the years we learned and were exposed to every aspect of the restaurant business.

The heart of our family could always be found at our parents’ restaurant whether it be our actual family, or our customers who came to be like family. Despite our corporate endeavors, our passion has always remained for the restaurant industry.

Scion Restaurant is a tribute to the evolution of our restaurant family. We expanded our family to the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C. in 2009 and are excited to bring Scion Restaurant to Silver Spring, Maryland in 2013!

To reach Joanne and Julie directly, please feel free to email us at:

Joanne Liu – joanne@scionrestaurant.com Julie Liu – julie@scionrestaurant.com